The BBC ruined Christmas – Sort Of….

… OK maybe not the actual BBC itself, but twice, two of the programs failed me and made my Christmas sad (ish!).

It all started on Saturday, when the Strictly final was one. First, Dani, my favourite went out and I blame myself! Although, logistically, it would be hard for me to be the reason why someone would go out of Strictly right? I accidentally wrote the numbers down wrong, so I ended up voting for Louis by mistake at first! But, in my head, voting twice for Dani should cancel out the vote for Louis right? Then my second favourite, Kimberley, didn’t win either! I didn’t want Louis to win, but well, I couldn’t do anything about that.

Then, from the beginning of Merlin, I was very vocal in saying “oh their not going to kill Arthur off?” and then what they go and bloody do … kill him off! And do not even get me started on that ending, although I am secretly thinking that there is a chance they could do a spin off with a modern day Merlin, ala Sherlock Holmes, but I doubt it!

I have enjoyed my Christmas this year, although I didn’t really feel very Christmassy this year, I don’t know why?? But I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.


Thoughts Of The Day: Sale Shoppers are a nightmare!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None, but I got some lovely ones for xmas!


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