Happy New Year

I know, a day late but that’s me all over!

So my New Years was pretty low key. I don’t really go in and celebrate New Years and very very rarely do I actually ever stay up for New Year, I went to bed at just after 11 this year, but only because I was watching something, not so I could actually stay up. And that brings me to my first order of business.

I ended up watching a bit of the Graham Norton show, which isn’t something that I usually watched, but Hugh Jackman was on it. Isn’t he just a lovely fella. And this got me thinking. There was only one person ever who I thought I would love to have as a Dad other than my own, and that was John Barrowman. But, correct me if I’m wrong, are Hugh Jackman’s kids adopted?? If so do you think he’d be looking into the market to adopt a 25 year old?? Cause I would so love him to be my other Dad. If anyone know how to contact him and ask, I’d be very happy. I am fully house trained and means independent so he’d really not have to bother that much! (I sound insane right now don’t I!)

Then on New Years Day, I didn’t really do that much either. My back was sore yesterday, which kind of hindered things but I sat down to watch the end of Tron Legacy first. I don’t know why (well I do know why, figure it out!) but I bloody love this movie, it is such a guilty pleasure of mine and whenever I can’t decided what to watch, I just know I’ll enjoy Tron Legacy. Then in the afternoon, I watched Mary Poppins which I haven’t seen for bloody ages and that was great too, really long for an older movie I thought, but I couldn’t stop singing the songs all last night. I’ve watched quite a lot of movies over the past few days including Ted, The Dark Night Rises, Star Trek, Rock Of Ages and Rio. I have Snow White and The Huntsman to watch, but I’ll get to that soon.

Then last night I settled in for Miranda, I bloody love Miranda, it’s such a great comedy show and I think the reason I like it, is because I feel like Miranda a lot of the time lol Not to say that I fall over a lot or get myself into embarrassing situations (I’v never been topless in public for starters!) but shes just really normal, if you get my drift.

So that’s my little update start to 2013. I shall hopefully be back with something just that little bit more interesting soon.


Fruit Juics Of The Day: Tesco’s Apple and Mango, combining two of my favourite fruits!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None but I am going to do them in a minute.

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