Boy did that go fast!

It doesn’t seem two seconds ago that I was finishing work for Christmas and here I am typing on the day before I am going back to work! That frankly is insane! It’s not to say that I don’t love my job, because I really really love my job, but on the flip side I also really really enjoy time off lol! I think I have done more this holiday than I usually do, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t come with it downfalls.

I have watched a lot of movies this Christmas, but on the downside I spent far too much money on films this Christmas! And another downside to this is the face that as you have seen from previous post, there ain’t that much room left on me shelves and I did have to create a floating shelf (aka stacking dvd’s on top of dvd’s!) and now I think it might just be that I have far too many dvd’s and it’s a bloody nightmare. I know it may sound like I have really trivial things to worry about and that I probably sound far to insane to be let out, but this is a concern to me!

I also did quite a bit of rearranging in my bedroom which was good but the downside to that was my bed is very near my wardrobe and I had to twist my back to kind of get under my bed and now my back hurts! And they say cleaning is a good thing, they don’t show the obvious health hazards that go with it! Still, my bed is nice and tidy and I have created a lot more room on my shelves, so I guess in there is a positive. It’s hidden pretty deep under the twinge in my spine area though!

I have also been loving the Old Skool Weekend on CITV this weekend. It’s so cool seeing all the kids show I use to love watching and the fact is, it gives an adult a really good excuse to actually be watching childrens tv. It was funny looking at the trends and people tweeting yesterday and I’d say a lot of adults have been tuning into CITV this weekend. I especially enjoyed Fun House, which if they ever did bring back, would not think twice about saying I’m 12 and going on the show. I think it was probably most kids dreams to go on Fun House and now I will admit something quite sad, well, two things that are quite sad (please let me know if you did this too!). 1 – I probably once recreated the last part of Fun House in a kids play area place! and 2 – I once pretended to play the go kart round on my bike! I enjoyed watching Fraggle Rock too, because I don’t recall seeing the live action version as a child and I only have the cartoon version on VHS (that means a video for all you young un’s!).

So, what is there to look forward to this week? Tomorrow I can guess might be a tad on the boring side, but nice grub! Plus Revenge is back tomorrow night! The rest of the week should be fun and that’s about it!


Fun Fact Of The Day: I truly think LA7 is just as good as when I watched it as a kid (check my twitter for more on that!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nicole By OPI Shoot For The Maroon, which will sadly be replaced this after as it’s chipped! I need a better top coat!

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