The Woes of Customer Services (and the highs!)

Yes, I’m moaning, but what’s new lol! I knew today that I was going to have to make another annoying phone call to a sort of customer service today, because I just knew what I wanted to arrive in the post, wouldn’t actually come today. And low and behold, it didn’t! As you know, I had some really rotten customer service from a clothing store last year and I actually laughed the other week, when I walked past the shop (which I haven’t been in since), and heard a woman reply to her husband after asking if she wanted to go in, “No, it’s full of cheap shit!”, which it so is!

Anyway, I have just rung now and I am not a person to shout or get angry at people on the phone, I’m usually pretty laid back, but sorry to the person on the end of the phone, but she got my full wrath today. I got sent something in November and it was wrong. So I emailed and they said they would send a new one. Two weeks and nothing. So I rang and was told that a new one would be sent. This was well before Christmas and yet nothing has arrived. So today, I got really mad with them on the phone, cause it’s just ridiculous. I wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s not coming from that far away. Anyway, thats moan over!

Now, for some lovely Customer Service. If I had to choose a shop of the year last year, it would be New Look. Their clothing is lovely and I think in their more expensive brands, which are still cheap, you get some lovely clothes for a lot less than you would think to pay. There online service is great too, as they have some other exclusive brands. Anyway, and you are gonna think I am really sad now, I shopped the sales on Christmas Day and ordered a jumper. But it never came with the order. I emailed and didn’t get a reply, but being Christmas, I could understand. So the other day, I tweeted them. Within 5 minutes, I was sorted out with a refund! I think twitter is just incredible for instant customer service! I’ll just have to check that they don’t refund the whole order.


Scent Of The Day: Popcorn!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non! I am trying to think of a Les Mis themed nail art, but I don’t know if that’s possible and include my new MUA Fur Effect! I could do french flags I suppose!

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