A (Double) Day In The Life #002

So, another of my rather riveting (yeah right!) day in the life post – although this one is quite good! My definition of day is used quite loosely, as this is more a weekend!

So, on Saturday, I had a good sleep in before I set about my task for the day, which coincidentally ended up turning into my weekend task as it took that bloody long! I wanted to put some CD’s I knew I owned on my iPod, but they weren’t on my shelf, so I had to go searching for them. Well, I just about ripped the house apart trying to find them and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked in both my wardrobes, under my bed, in my cupboard, in my computer cupboard, under my sister’s bed, in the loft and in the landing cupboard – here is the evidence:


This is just some of the stuff that I literally flung out of my landing cupboard. But by tea time, I hadn’t found them. So I gave up for the day.

The night didn’t turn that interesting, except I watched the whole second series of Mrs Browns Boys. I never watched it on the telly, but my Dad likes it, so I thought I’d give it a watch and if you can get past the swearing, which doesn’t bother me a half my family are Irish, it’s really funny. I tell everyone it reminds my Dad at home, but I don’t think her appreciates that!

Sunday started with me trying to think were the hell those CD’s were, but before I had a chance to look, we popped into town. I managed not to go near any beauty products, well, I say that loosely! I got two rather lovely Sally Hansen polishes in Pound World. It’s a bit like a sale, you have to really dig, but you come up with the goods lol! Then in Accessorize, I got a myself a lovely new pair of gloves, because mine have a hole in. Well, these new ones have a giant hole in because they are fingerless, but I love fingerless gloves, as they give easy access to your iPod, and for some strange reason they actually keep my hands warm. What’s more, they were down from £15 to only £4.50, which is a great bargain for the quality. Then, of course, we took a little trip to Maccy D’s (aka McDonalds – it really does make your day – that’s an old tag line!).

Then, this afternoon, the task was as follows – find the bloody cd’s. I literally pulled apart everything I looked through yesterday and still nothing turned up. I even braved the cold of the loft again, where I nearly crapped myself yesterday, when a leg fell off a table while I was up there, as you can see in the picture:


Then, finally I found them – and I think I was even more annoyed when I actually found them than when I couldn’t, because they were in the back of my bloody wardrobe – a place I go to every day! It wasn’t long since I tided it out and don’t actually remember putting them in there, which is strange, but at least I finally found them.

So that’s my weekend – was it riveting enough!


Thought Of The Day: Where the hell are they?
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None

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