The stupid things you see people do!

I saw something today while on my walk home and as soon as I saw it, I was literally like “did I really just see that happen?”, because I couldn’t quite believe it! I thought maybe he hadn’t seen, but I actually saw him turn on look!

OK, so here’s how it played out. There was a man walking in front of me, pushing a baby in a pram, while his dog walked next to it, not on a lead (not judging this! it’s important to the story). Anyway, so the guy decides he should put the dog onto the lead. So he let’s go of the pram and begins to put the lead on the dog. Sound’s pretty normal so far, bar one detail – this was on a hill! Naturally, pram starts to go down the hill (not a big hill, more like a path going to flat, but still pram able to move). Guy see’s pram moving, yet decides the wise decision is to let the pram keep moving, and continue to leash the dog! Luckily he caught up to the pram and thankfully, there were no cars around, but Jesus! Some people!

I had a rather fun night last night watching Miranda – I gotta say it was the best episode of series 3 so far and I thankfully do not have to have my sister asking me again “Is Gary Barlow in this episode?” because he was last night! I literally laughed my socks off from start to end, so much so, I am going to watch it again on iPlayer right now!


Tv Show Of The Day: Miranda
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Uptempo Plum – A Pound Shop Marvel!

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