Spoiler Alert!

Yet more admissions – I am a huge spoiler have to knower! And yes, I do realise that that isn’t even a word! But who the hell cares.

I am the kind of person that will flick through the chapters of a box and read random parts to find out if I think whats going to happen will actually happen and to basically read all the good bits! I will read all the spoilers going on my favourite tv shows, including my US ones, where I will read the episode synopsis on Wikipedia to see what will happen and will google fansites to find screencaps for the episodes when something great really happens!

I know that is as it suggests, spoiling things, but I really don’t see it as that at all. It’s more preparation! You see, there are many times when things have happened in an episode that I was all like Oh My God at and really annoyed. Now that I can prepare myself, I can get myself in the correct mental state (she says!), ok, maybe it’s just that I like spoilers/gossip/ect… I really don’t care!

So, when this morning I saw a tweet pop up in my timeline about a US show that I loved, first thing I did was wiki the episode. This is were your going to think I’m really sad. On my phone, I don’t know if other people get this, but because of the way Wikipedia is coded, I often can’t read the episode synopsis, because bit’s get cut off – yet I still read it and try to mentally fill in the gaps! Even though I hadn’t seen the episode, I tried to put in what I thought might happen and wanted to happen. Pathetic right – it gets worse! Then I IMDB’d it, because I know they have episode synopsis and whoever wrote it filled in the gaps so so well! Then tonight, I googled for a fansite and looked at screen caps! This episode is like a good chunk into the season too, so as I type this I am feeling even more of a pathetic idiot!

I’ll redeem myself and a spoiler alert to those who haven’t seen it – How good was the finale of Miranda!!!! It was such a perfect ending. OK now real spoilers, I just liked saying that! I got very depressed on Monday when the episode finished, because it only seems like 2 minutes ago since the series started! Role on series 4!

Do I overly use !!!!!!


Thought Of The Day: I had a really good one but it’s gone! I hope it comes back to me soon!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I did a patch job on my Umberto Giannin shades in Ladies Violetta and Love.

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