Shocking revelation!!

Last night I discovered something that has chilled me to the bone. I have the misfortune of being attached at both sides of my house and have neighbours that don’t consider being noisy a problem! However, last night it was revealed to me, that something that I thought was something, was actually something else entirely nasty!

I can pretty much hear everything my neighbours do, because apparently they are fairy elephants. However, when I was getting ready for bed last night, I heard what I presumed was the sink being filled up. It wasn’t till either my very very happy neighbour but more likely very very drunk neighbour started singing, Singin In The Rain. Accept the word raining was replaced with peeing and the word rain was replaced with toilet! That’s right, I can hear my neighbours peeing in the toilet! Now it’s all I can bloody hear. And with that can of worms opened, so did another – what if they can hear me peeing? Can you control the volume of your pee! Am I crazy (YES!).

I can’t really say more than this!


Book Of The Day: I have finally finished Beautiful Creatures – it took me forever. And my eReader loves rubbing in just how much time I had left to read! But I’m perfectly in time for the movie!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non.


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