Weirdly random things that annoy me!

As off late, I seem to be compiling a list of things that really tick the hell out of me. I think we all have random irritation that are mostly irrational, most not as well, but here are a few of mine:

  • Leaving plug sockets switch on! This really bugs the crap out me. If you take the damn plug out then turn the damn plug off. I’m one of those strange people you see walking round the room flicking switches. We all do it!
  • People who don’t put cd’s and dvd’s back in there cases – that’s what they are there for. Also on this one, when you lend them dvd’s and they either never give them back or they come back scratch. I very very rarely lend my dvds unless they can be trusted!
  • When people decided things for you without asking you. This actually happened at work this week, all I’m saying is it would be nice to be involved in a decision that is about me.
  • People who believe it is there god given right to own the pavement. I have one word for you – MOVE! (these all seem to be people related now, I don’t know why?)
  • People who Hover – This really annoys me when I am on the computer. It is my time so go away!
  • Snobs – I think this is on everyones lists!

I’m sure there is a ton bunch of other irritations that will probably be added to this list, but I think the plug one is the worst one for me!


TV Show Of The Day: I have only just starting watching “Dancing On The Edge” and I really like it, I have another two episodes to watch before Tuesday!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None!


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