I’m admitting to something bad!

I did something today that would never be described as legally terrible, more morally terrible.

So I went for a walk to town today, with the main reason being that I wanted to head to Lush to pick up some facial bits. However, I was about 10 footsteps away, when I saw somebody going in that I knew and most defiantly did not want to chat too. So I was left with some options:

  • Option 1: The simple option – just go in and hope that they don’t walk into (it’s a small Lush so it was highly unlikely!) but if they do, just casually greet them hello.
  • Option 2: The rude option – go in but leave your iPod headphones in and avoid them at all cost (hard!) and if they do say hello, simply look like you can’t hear them.

I took neither of these options, I took secret option number 3. The cowards option. I legged it to Boots and Superdrug! Then I cam back and they were still in there, so I legged it again and came back later! I am a bad human being!


TV Show Of The Day: I loved the ending of “My Mad Fat Diary”
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nicole By Opi in Kendall On The Katwalk and Angelica in Exposure. Only 1 chip! Aces!

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