Is it a Beautiful Creature?

So, I’ve just got back from seeing Beautiful Creatures – and I kind of don’t know how I feel. If you were taking it as just an ordinary film, with no source novel, then I would say that it is a good film and I particularly liked the guy who they got to play Ethan, he fits the part well. Not sure on the girl who plays Lena, cause I think Lena is a character that you invision yourself how you see her.

But taking it as a novel adaptation, why did they leave so much of the plot out! That is what annoyed me the most, they sped through a lot of the good stuff and oh I don’t know, there was just bits missing! Like the necklace that they both find, only Ethan finds. Whoops *spoiler alert* throughout, should have said that from the start. And the plot of Ethan’s father is completely disregarded and they change were they find the book. And I know these are just picky things, but they are important to the story. I’m one of those people that are if you are adapting a book then bloody stick to it. And the ending, do not get me started on the ending – that should have been the center piece, but it was over with a bang. I don’t think the effects were all that good either, I was left with a bit of a tv movie feeling.

I was expecting a lot from the trailer of this and having read the books and I just feel a bit like I was watching a different movie to the book. Anyway, I’m still glad I have seen, there were a lot of parts I did enjoy and I think it had a lot of amusing bits in it too, compared to the darker tone of the book, which I liked. I however, did not enjoy the privilege of paying £7.85 to see it, that’s 2 dvd’s to me.

Anyway, role on City of Bones! They showed a trailer for that and it looks great!


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Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non!

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