Something strange but cool!

Something really strange but very cool at the same time has just happened to me.

I got an email from someone with the same surname as me, but is most defiantly not someone I know. When you see these things in your inbox, your always a bit skeptical, because there most likely spam, but the subject said Tomorrow. So, stupidly, I did click on it. And this is were it starts to get interesting.

Because this wasn’t a spam email, it was a personal, which I will obviously not be saying what it is about. Obviously, this person sent it to the wrong email address, cause naturally that could happen – a miss spelt word and a wrong character. But that wasn’t the most interesting part. The email address was a one, which means it’s education. So I googled the website and it only turns out, that the person sending the email, lives where I live – what are the odds in that! So this person, was sending an email, to somebody with the same name as me, who lives where I live!

This got me thinking, because when I went to the doctors once, I think somebody did have the same name as me. But I spell mine in not the normal English and neither does this person! I just think that is all very spooky. I emailed the person with not this ramble, but to tell them they had made a mistake, but come on! At least this got me out of my rut!

I’ve been on a baking spree today, courtesy of Miss Mary Berry, who obviously had little fashion sense when the picture on the book was taken. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but she looks not the youngest on the book cover and that book is old! If anything, she looks younger now! I made Mini Jammy Buns, Chocolate and Vanilla pinwheel biscuits and Date Krispie Slices and they all look delicious. And no, you can’t have any!


Shoe Of The Day: Wedge Trainers!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non due to baking.

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