I’m on my holidays!  WAHEY!!!!!!!!!

So, most of the time on this blog, I have mentioned things that I want to do over the holidays and never actually accomplish many is any of them! I am most defiantly going to be sorting out my wardrobe because there is literally no room to swing a cat in the damn thing. I mean, it’s at the point that things fall out when you open it and you have to do a push and dash when you shut it! Also, I was watching a you tube vlog the other day and someones wardrobe was so pretty with the hangers all the same, so I kinda went a bit anal and bought loads of matching hangers. I will say though, half the ones in my wardrobe are broke. because I just pull things off them (bad!) rather than actually taking the hanger out of the wardrobe.

I have also been given a couple of tv boxsets to try, so that will keep me busy too, because tv boxsets are very cult like. It’s kinda hard to stop when you watch an episode, look at the clock, think you’ll watch just one more and then you end up watching loads. My records so far are watching 1 season of the big bang in about 2 days, plus sleep and watching 8 episodes of the Gilmore Girls back to back. I am currently completing New Girl Season 1 again, which I hope to watch before Tuesday, but didn’t manage in time for the new series. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the first episode, so much, I watched it twice. As you may remember, there was a terrible sadness last October, when my idiot of a sister deleted my entire films folder from our record-able box. Since then, I have quite happily amassed a hefty folder, 6 pages, 12 per page! So I am going to make my way through some of them.

I also want to re arrange my room a bit, but I’m not sure if I will get time (LOL!)

Enjoy your Easter!


TV Shows Of The Day: New Girl!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non.

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