Food Based Epiphany!

Two in one day lol! Aka forgot to mention this in the last one.

On Friday, I had what is now called a Food Based Epiphany! For years, I was under the illusion that for some strange reason, without I believe tasting it, that I would hate mayo! Considering the fact I love pretty much any form of egg, I don’t really know why I took a dislike to mayo. I think it reminds me of milk or cream, which I hate. Actually, I use to drink milk all the time, until I had my tonsils out (like factoid for you there!) and I lost the taste for it. BACK ON TRACK!

Anyway, as it’s buy your lunch Thursday, and I was a day late, I went to Marks and Sparks to get me lunch. Pretty much every sandwich has mayo on, but the least yucky looking, and because I love love love Tuna, was the Tuna mayo. Actually  I went off Tuna for a little bit, because I kept feeling sick after eating it, but now I love (Note to mind: STAY ON TRACK!).

So I bought it and I ate it and I LOVED IT!!!! I think all these years I have been depriving myself of mayo and I didn’t know what I was missing. It doesn’t mean I’mm gonna go out and buy a big tub of Helmans (Other brand are available), but you know, I might be more open in my choice of sandwich!


TV Show Of The Day: Nashville!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Deep Blue Sea, by Sally Hansen.

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