Long Time

Yet again, I have failed miserably when it comes to updating this blog. And honestly, I don’t even have the best excuse. I’ve been off on holiday and been doing bugger all, so really, I am fully to blame. We, me and Grey’s Anatomy! I think it is a great deal that I have managed two and a half seasons in 2 weeks.

I had a really strange dream last night! And I kind of want to tell this person about the dream and at the same time, I don’t because technically, I do not know them. It is somebody who does beauty blogs on you tube and I have tweeted and got replies from them before, but still.

It’s not even that weird, well it is a bit. I was watching one of their videos, and it was a special video where they did a pretend episode of Eastenders, but like, on the actual set. I can’t even tell you why I dreamt this, because Eastenders isn’t even on on a Saturday but you just think after, where the hell was my mind going to. It often makes you wonder because it’s so strange. Like as well, when you dream about people you use to go to school with or really random celebrities. I always have really random dreams about really random celebrities, like ones I haven’t even talked or seen about that day, usually random ones from when I was younger.

I promise I shall start making this blog more interesting (wishful thinking!)


Thought Of The Day: Primark!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None!

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