Sometimes Drivers are just as bad!

I’m gonna make this quick because something really annoyed me today.

I was walking home from work and there is the bit that I come to to cross, which is the entrance to a car park. I saw a car coming, but I knew I had plenty of time to cross because it’s literally about a 5 second walk. I was just stepping on to the pavement at the other side, when the stupid woman driving the car, beeped her horn at me. I was just really annoyed because I was no where near her car or no where near enough to actually get hit by her, I was basically back on the pavement and she beeped her horn. I mean, a bit of an over reaction on her part if you ask me. And I get that some idiots do walk across in front of cars even when they see them coming, but I had plenty enough time to get across. And the look on her face was all like, you idiot and all I could think of was I’M ON THE BLOODY PAVEMENT AND I’M NO WHERE NEAR YOUR CAR!! Believe me, I’m not stupid enough to cross a road if I don’t think I can make it. I’ve had people reach the crossing after me and cross the road before, I’m that careful. And I know I have my iPod in, but I can hear everything that is going on around me, and as the green cross code goes, I LOOK BOTH WAYS.

Don’t you hate it when random people irate you and you don’t even know them! At least I can write about them on this blog and they’ll never bloody know! Scratch that, if you are this person and your reading this, well, who cares, you’ll never see me again. Actually, it’s so small were basically a city named town!! In that case, I’m going ghost protocol ala Mission Impossible (I haven’t seen it and really do not have any idea what that phrase me) I’m basically going rogue, tarrah!


PS. Even in my I’m not here but really am here state – Anyone catch the new shots of the two Doctor’s filming, we should called that geek protocol!

TV Show Of The Day: Grey’s Anatomy (and new Big Bang Theory tonight!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Mermaid’s tale by Jesse’s Girl.

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