I Literally Can’t Remember Anything

Due to the fact that there was basically nothing on the God knows how many channels last night, I decided to watch a movie, which isn’t always the easiest process, because it takes me forever to choose one to watch. However, last night, due to my weeks of watching many many Marvel and Star Trek movies, I was in the mood to watch Superman Returns.

Now I’m the first to admit, being a long time loyal member of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Movie Fan Club, when Superman Returns came out, I was all like it’s gonna be crap. Well, now I own it, so that really tells you everything.  But I noticed something last night when I went to watch it – I literally could not remember any of that film – and I’ve seen it before.

As of late, I have noticed, there are just some movies that no matter how many times I watch them, in particular, Iron Man. I can just never remember any of the actual scenes of that movie. I mean, I could give you a good story outline, but as for actualy parts and scenes of the movie – nada – and I’ve seen that movie a good few times. As for Superman Returns, well you could have knocked me down like a stack of domino’s because, basically, it was like watching a brand new movie. The only bit I kind of remembered was the end, because it was on telly either this Christmas or the last one and I happen to catch the end of it.

I think it has come to the point that I have now watch that many movies, my brain is physically pushing out the ones it thinks it has no use. But come on brain, (nearly just typed spider-man) Superman Returns is obviously a film that I will need in my general knowledge. If anything brain, push out that 4 bloody hours of my life I can’t get back from watching an extended version of Lord Of The Rings (maybe I’m the only movie lover who doesn’t like those movies) and that first 20 minutes of the Sarah Jessica Parker movie Failure To Launch, cause lord knows that is a film I do not need to remember (the only film I ever turned off!). I will admit to watching some rubbish movies in my lifetime (Fred Clause! I blame my friend Helen who I quote – wanted a festive movie!), but I do also know I’ve watched some really good ones too, Superman Returns being one, that in future I would like to remember.

But watching it last night, I really really didn’t realise just what a good movie it was, but it has given me a few reservations for the new, which at present, I don’t actually plan on going to watch. The obvious difference that comes to mind is the actors playing Superman. I love Brandon Routh as Superman and have actually enjoyed watching him in other movies and tv shows, especially Chuck and Scott Pilgram Vs The World (an underrated movie). But in Superman, he had the real ability to be the bumbling idiot that was Clark Kent, but have the strength and steeliness of Superman, he was very good at separating the two characters. But from watching the trailer of the new movie, basically, they Christopher Nolaned the thing up and Superman doesn’t seem very two sided, but a permanent version of Superman, without the Clark Kent. Now, obviously, that’s the trailer and they won’t show everything in the trailer.  But to me, it feels they are treating the new Superman movie as an extension of the Batman movies – and I don’t know if that’s going to work.

Because if you are anything like me, a child of the 90’s, you grew up with the Adventures of Lois and Clark, or whatever it was, and the whole bright blues, reds and yellows of the suit, and the general comic book feel of the show and movie. But with the new one, that feels like it’s missing. It feels like it’s gone very Batman, with it’s dark and gritty-ness, and while that fully works for Batman, it works because Batman is a very dark character, what with bring a Bat and with the whole city of Gotham, it just sounds dark. But Superman is very like Spider-Man, where Peter Parker is a nerd, but Spider-Man is strong. I think that’s going to be missing from the new movie BUT as I never fail to say – I AM ALWAYS WRONG AND I DON’T ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!

I really liked Kate Bosworth in this movie too, because even though she’s quite slight, her Lois isn’t a damsel in distress character, she’s quite normal. I actually thought all the way through this movie that I’ve never seen her in anything else, but I totally have. I’ve seen Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, which was a funny movie, and The Girl In The Park and I would have seen her in 21 if I hadn’t bloody deleted it when I got a bit clicker happy with my TV Recorder!

Anyway, can you tell I had a bit of a boring evening last night or currently having a bit of a boring day that I have so much time to think about this! Maybe this is way I can’t remember movies when my brain is so busy thinking about crap like this!

Note to people, don’t read my last post on Man Of Steel, I was clearly in post trailer excitement heaven!


TV Show Of The Day: I’m really back into Revenge now, and it’s the penultimate episode tonight.
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