Moments you remember

For starters, apologies again for not blogging, but the last 2 weeks have been pretty intense to say the least. Been very very busy and am now very very tired, but feeling very very much refreshed after some good sleeps and relaxation.

Now, I’m no kind of religious news follower. I don’t really watch the new start to finish, usually just catching the headlines, maybe a bit of BBC Breakfast in the morning and whatever they tell you on the radio and the headlines off the BBC homepage. But some days, you just wake up to a piece of news, that just hits you and you remember it for a long time to come still.

I can still remember the morning when I woke up and heard that Princess Diana had died and I remember sitting in my front room watching it play out and I was only in Primary School at the time. I remember coming home from High School to the news of September 11th and just being in utter dis belief. I remember being sat in a staff room of a Primary School where I was volunteering, photocopying god knows what, and a Tv having been wheeled in, showing the 7th July London bombing, as the events played out. And strangely enough, I remember being in a Curry’s, Comet, Dixons, one of those kind of shops, when the news came that they had found Sadem Hussein alive in that bunker thing, as it played out on all the screens of the TV’s they were selling.

It’s strange the things that you recall and the ways in which you remember them and mostly because they are so incredibly shocking and the worst part, being so incredibly out of the blue and just something you could never expect to happen or see on the news. It’s not often that they stop a show in the UK for news, more they add a news flash in at the end of a program, but I can recall a few times programs being interrupted for such things, though what they were for, I don’t remember. And I’m not really just talking about the news on the TV too, but things that effect you personally, personal news too. And all you can think about at first is that it’s some elaborate hoax, because you in that much disbelief that it’s happen, you trick you brain into thinking that it really isn’t true.

You can probably gather what I’m talking about today and it’s not like I care more about the death of a celebrity, than I do of important people and people I genuinely know, because with people you know, it really does hit you like a ton of bricks, because you spend you time with them and you physically know them. But that fact of the matter is that it was so incredibly shocking and that’s what I’m more focused on. I can still recall when I woke up to the news that Heath Ledger had died, and at the time, as well as thinking about his family who must have been devastated, I just kept thinking also what a waste of such an incredible talent. You see movies and shows today, and I just think imagined if he had been in it or imagine if he was still alive now and acting. It would have been incredible to see him win an Oscar and collect it in person, because he really was a brilliant actor, I never saw a bad film he was in.

I’ll just finish this post here. Go ahead today and listen to “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” by Selena Gomez, the lyrics are very fitting.



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