My List Of Possible Adoptive Parents!!!

If you know me by now, you know that I sort of have a list of possible people who could adopt me. Now, your probably thinking, who would want to adopt a 25/26 year old. Well, you never know. And this isn’t even a list of people that might want to adopt me if something happen to my current Dad, it’s more they don’t know they’ve adopted me! Some of them you might know already, but here we go (and yes, I get that I’m crazy):

1- Hugh Jackman:
a) He is from my spiritual home – Australia.
b) From what I’ve seen of him, he does seem a really nice man.
c) I believe he has two adoptive children already (I could be wrong) but it means he’s open to adopting me.
d) As he’s Australian I can achieve one of my life goals of possibly obtaining an Australian accent!
e) How cool would it be to be able to drop into conversation, “You know my Dad, the Wolverine?”

2- John Barrowman:
a) Again, from what I’ve seen of him, he seems like a really genuine nice guy.
b) As he as just got married to his partner, I would get 2 Dad’s for the price of one!
c) I believe he would probably be one of those people who randomly burst into song, I like that.
d) How cool would it be to be able to drop into conversation, “You know my Dad, Captain Jack?”

3- Michael Buble:
a) Again, he seems like a really nice man.
b) He would be able to sing at anything I would want – birthday, Christmas ect
c) How cool woud it be to be able to drop into conversation, “You know my Dad, Michael Buble?”

Anyway, I have realised that non of the above actually fully reside in the UK, so I am now in the market for a possible British contender. I had a possible contender, but having realised how I have spoke about him on a certain previous post or two, that would come off as kind of skeevy! But here is some possible criteria:

1) I am a common northerner, so I don’t think I would fit in well with a more well spoken family unless they are willing to give me elocution lessons.
2) They have to be funny, so a comedian would be good.
3) I wouldn’t mind someone with a Welsh accent, because I actually do a mean welsh accent!
4) They should be able to fill this sentence, “You know my Dad, —————-?”

If you know anyone, let me know in comments!!!

By the way, just as a wee disclaimer, should any of the above mentioned by chance read my rather insignificant blog, no I am not crazy, I promise, although I haven’t been tested!!


Song Of The Day: Currently listening to the new Selena Gomez album on Spotify!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as yesterday!

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