Doctor Who Exactly!

So, new broke today that the 12th Doctor is going to be announced this Sunday. This comes as a coincidence to me, because I am actually re-watching Doctor Who at the moment – because that’s how you spend your holiday!

I have never seen any of the old Doctor Who, mostly because I wasn’t born! So, I have only ever watched the new one. Most people kind of have their Doctor and while I’ve seen the Christopher Ecclestone series and the Matt Smith years, but for me, David Tennant will always be my Doctor!! So when it came for the change over between David Tennant and Matt Smith, I was all like, it’s gonna be rubbish without him. Well, prove me wrong again, because it was just as good, not better, but just as good.

I remember when they announced the new Doctor and I was all like, who the hell is this and I hope that might be the case with the new one. I’ve seen the names being thrown around and not to be ageist or anti-women (I am one for starters!!!), but I do think it should be a young person like 25-40 bracket and I think it should be a man. I’m sorry, but I can’t see it working with a woman and why break something that ain’t broken, the formula works. And the names being thrown around, I really doubt that it will be any of them, but you never know, I just hope it works. I think you have to have a real character to play the Doctor.

Anyway, they’ll probably be a what do I think post on Monday, or Sunday.

Tomorrow’s post I promise will be more exciting – clue: SWEETS!!!!! Hell yeah!


Treat Of The Day: Jolly Rancher’s, more tomorrow!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as yesterday, but on me last day!


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