Am Truly Willy Wonka!!!


Just look at this lovely picture!!! There is a brand new sweet shop in town and while I resisted the urge to go when I went to the dentist, I couldn’t take it any longer.

I was a total child in the shop, I couldn’t take it all in. Lets just say that when it comes to sweets, I bloody love them!!! When I first went in, they had a bunch of what I would call more British kind of sweets like bon bons, pear drops and toffees, and while I do love a good bon bon, I ventured in further, thinking I could circle back if there was anything that I wanted after I’d had a good look round. And I’m glad I did, because that’s when I hit the American Sweets!!!

I always hear about all these sweets in like US shows and movies, so it was great to see them, they had a really good selection (I wish I had taken a picture), but rather than try anything new, I went for some old favourites!!! I absolutely loved Nerds when I was little and then they kind of disappeared! I think we don’t get some sweets in the UK really now because of the Corn Syrup and because they are artificially coloured and flavoured, because a lot of UK sweets are now naturally coloured and flavoured. But what the hell! I just go mad for nerds!!! (that could sound wrong if you didn’t realise I was talking about sweets). I also got a little Wonka selection bag too.

Then, I got Jolly Ranchers!!!!! I so remember having them as a child and they were square then! I have a funny story about Jolly Ranchers involving my sister and I wished I had been there when it happened. Now sister was in the now defunct Woolworths and she took a packet of Jolly Ranchers off the shelf and the whole damn shelf collapsed!!! Anyway, I forgot how tasty these are, I love the watermelon and grape ones. Shall be going back for more and they had a mahoosive bag of them!! They had lots of other sweets that I have heard of like red vines and Twinkies, but I don’t know if I’d like them.

One of my favourite sweets in the world, is Alphabet Candy (check it out here). Some might think it tastes like Chalk but as I also love Edinburgh rock, which is like chalk too, then I love it. They had a massive 900g bag of them, I’ve never seen such a big old bag of them!! I resisted buying them, but at £8.99, probably good value for money. Finally, I saw that they had individual Pez, and as I have some lovely Hello Kitty Pez machine, me might get some.

I am currently not on a sugar high, but just give it a few days


Treat Of The Day: NERDS!!!
Nails Of The Day: I have put the Kiss Nail Wraps on, that I got in a GlossyBox.


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