My possible Doctor’s that will never be!!

Having realised when the show as on tonight, I will be blogging my thoughts on the new Doctor tomorrow. But all this talk about people who could be the Doctor, made me think – who would be really great as the Doctor but highly unlikely to ever be. I will say I’m not a Doctor Who fanatic, I think because I’ve been rewatching it lately, I have kinda got carried away on the excitement of it all. I’m easily lead lol! So here are my options:

1- Michael McIntyre: I think he has the right level of character to be a Doctor and his slightly camp nature if you will, would be really great as the Doctor. Also, he would be funny!

2- Miranda: I am a huge fan of Miranda, so even if it does break my “It should be a fella” rule, I think she would be a great Doctor. I think she could easily pull of a suit, or a gigantic long scarf and hat, and again, her slightly if you will camp nature and funniness would work really well.

3- Hugh Jackman: Of course, I had to back up my back up Daddy. He is such a huge character in really life that he would bring a lot to the roll and as he always has to be quite angry for Wolverine, it would be good to see him do light hearted. He can do a British accent, but whose to say the Doctor can’t be Aussie!! Why has the Doctor never had another accent (please correct if I am wrong on pre new series Doctor’s. I imagine them all to have been quite well spoken).

So there are my three who will never be. Now, I’m gonna let you in on my theory that I posted about on Twitter. David Tennant will forever and always be my Doctor and as he is in the 50th Anniversary special, whose to say that Matt Smith’s Doctor couldn’t regenerate back into David Tennant’s back. I’m ignorant to what the laws of time, space and regeneration are, so if anyone can disprove this theory, let me know.

I can half imagine me pulling a Matt Smith on the new Doctor – aka the he’ll never be as good as David Tennant and then ending up liking him. But I’ll give you reactions tomorrow!


Treat Of The Day: CAKE (Need I say more!)!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

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