The New Doctor Confirmed!

So the 12th Doctor has been confirmed to be Peter Capaldi. I’m not exactly ecstatic about it or anything, I really don’t know what to think.

Let’s just say, if I were to pick someone, I don’t think I would have picked him, not that I don’t think he would make a good Doctor, I just have reservation. Personally, and I’m not being ageist, I have liked the younger Doctor’s, but maybe because I’m around the same age as them, that’s why. Also, he has been in Doctor Who and apparently Torchwood, which I have see all the UK based episodes off and don’t actually bloody remember, but they don’t really seem to care about that either.

My biggest reservation, is that Clara is a lot lot younger than he is and I don’t know whether the dynamic would work. Obviously, they would have tested that or maybe Clara might not make it out of the 50th anniversary episode, I don’t know. I have like the sort of love relationships the Doctor’s have had with their companions, but this would be more like Father and Daughter.

But I’m gonna hold off judgement, because I moaned something rotten about Matt Smith and I love him as the Doctor, so you never know.


Tv Show Of The Day: Doctor Who (The David Tennant years of course!)
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

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