My trousers shopping nightmare!!

I have spoken before of my nightmare when it comes to buying trousers. I have managed to solve my out of work trousers easily with George, Next, New Look and my favourite, Dorothy Perkins. However, I need work trousers and this is a nightmare due to two reasons.

One, I need tall trousers! A lot of places offer tall trousers, but mostly in jeans which I can’t wear for work really. George do tall trousers, but they aren’t as tall as the jeans, which is weird! Second, and this is my annoyance, I hate hate hate the material that work trousers are made from. It’s so scratchy and itchy and it just makes my skin crawl! Also, they tend to have beyond massive flares!

I really like Jersey trousers and I managed to get a really love pair from Next last year, I wish I had bought more. But it always require a butt load of research before you manage to actually get a pair of trousers that are comfy. And why we should have to pay more for that extra couple of inches of cheap fabric is beyond me.

Rant over!


Song Of The Day: Nina Nesbitt “Not Me”
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

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