My New Phone is Crap!

And that is being nice, I could have said another word entirely on this post, but I’m too much of a lady (yeah right!) to use it!

I got an iPhone 4s the other day and was really looking forward to using it. Well, using it would be great, because it is being the worst phone I have ever had, even worse than the Motorola that I took back, because even if that had a rubbish battery, at least you could do stuff with it!

Unless I have my wi-fi on, which let’s face it, if I’m in the middle of town, I am no where near my house, I won’t be. And really I shouldn’t have to use my wi-fi, but it’s the only way this phone will connect to the internet. And the network keeps dropping out like there is no tomorrow. And this is all in the space of 24 hours. Ridiculous right! Here is what has happened within ten minutes alone (and yes I wrote it down):

18:02 – No Internet but 3 signal
18:12 – Internet with 1 to no bar signal
18:13 – No Service
18:13 – 3 Signal only

And that’s how it is still now, no internet what so ever (and I have to pay for the privilege of no internet!) and this is where I am stuck. Because I was reading my terms and it’s like you can only return a phone if it’s sealed and not used. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU KNOW IF IT WORKS IF YOU DON’T BLOODY USE IT. And what I also don’t get is if this is a very very common problem with iPhones, why the hell should they be allowed to sell them! I’ve had about 5 minutes of actual 3G internet usage in 24 hours.

So I am heading back to the three store tomorrow, with a hell of a scorn (let’s hope the poor boy – I say boy because he looked like a toddler – who served me is not in, I might scare him) and I’m taking my iphone hating friend with me. I am hoping that they can either sort it out or that I can switch to a Samsung. I have had samsung after samsung and they have never ever failed me.

Angry is not to say the least!

I only just remember that I didn’t blog yesterday, but literally forgot with all the bloody nuisance that’s been going on with this bloody phone!


Hate Of The Day: iPhones!
Nails Of The Day: NYC Raindrops with an Esscence Glitter Top Coat.

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