You don’t need to drink

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before and now I’m about to say it, that’s one thing you can say you know about me that I thought you didn’t (RE: tomorrows post!). I don’t drink alcohol. I can’t say I never had, because I’ve tasted it, but as for a full glass of wine, or a pint of beer, nope! I’ve probably not had alcohol (unless it’s in a food!) since I was about 17. I can’t say that I will not drink for my whole life, but at the moment, I just don’t want too. I’ve never been one for going to nightclubs or out round town, I’d much rather go to the movies!

Last night, in a rare night out, I went out for dinner for my birthday (tomorrow!!!) with my friend – and I had such a good night. We went for Tapas, which having never had before and being a bloody fussy eater, I was a bit worried about. I don’t know Tapas etiquette, so I text my sister before to ask how many dishes I might need to order and what not. But in the end we got 5 main dishes and some breads. We got Chicken in Garlic which was delicious, some fish bites and sweet chilli sauce, some potatoes croquettes, some potatoes in paprika which were far to hot for me and some prawn and chirrizo kebabs. I’ve never had a prawn till last night and while I liked the taste (they taste like prawn crackers) I can’t stand the texture, there too much like bean sprouts, another thing I won’t eat! But it was all so lovely and I learnt the spanish for Garlic which I can’t now remember!

Then for dessert, I stuck with what I knew and got Chocolate Fudge Cake. Well, you should have seen this thing, it was 4 layers and even me, the queen of cake, could not eat it all, it’s sad to say it defeated me.

But I had such a fun night on the Diet Coke and it goes to show, not preaching, you don’t need alcohol to appreciate a great night out with a friend (I say night out, I was back indoors just after 9!).


Itch Of The Day: Bites, I have now a grand total of five, including 3 on one foot. Never realised just how tasty I am!
Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved.

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