Ahh Hugo!

Good evening everyone! I have suitably calmed down since my last posting and am in less of a craze (till Thursday – ahh a wee clue for you there).

This week has seen the return of I’m A Celebrity (term used loosely!) and I wasn’t planning on watching it this year, because the line up just didn’t seem as good as last year. Last years was the first one I had watched in a good 4-5 years, because the line up was good, but this years, no one really interested me – so far anyway. Plus, there is literally feck all else on the TV this week (except for Saturday OMG!). But all of this has actually nothing to do with this years IAC, but more to do with last years and the wonder that was…. Hugo!

It’s safe to say, last year, I developed a bit of a… thing for Hugo and the return of IAC this year has made me remember all about it. I haven’t seen him since (on the tv I mean, not physically in real life – they wouldn’t let me in Chelsea, I’m too common – FACT). Where is he? Where did he go? and more importantly, When the hell is he coming back? If anyone knows the answers to any of said question then leave said answers in the old comments!



Video Of The Day: The Sesame Street Hunger Games parody – Finnick’s a right idiot in it! Check my twitter for a link!
Nails Of The Day: None, but I have a Hunger Games themed look rolling around in the old brain!

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