That was 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an incredible Christmas and had a lovely time with your friends and family. I had a great Christmas, and while I know that presents are not the be all and end all of Christmas, this year I was really surprised by the ones I got as I know that I’ll use every one of them. I got some really useful things!

And so it is the end of 2013 and I can say, in all fairness, 2013 hasn’t been a bad year! There has been a few moments this year that I could have done without abut while looking back at my list I made at this time last year, to be honest, it’s not gone too badly at all. While I’m still not in the job I would like I do love my job and got to do some really good things with it this year. I have amazing friends and family and I’m lucky to have them. I got to watch some amazing tv shows and movies this year and listen to some incredible music. My only real down point of this year was my reading! Unless I read 87 books by tonight, I am very much behind my goal for this year! Someone pass me a Mr Men and Little Miss collection stat! I did end up reading Catching Fire and finished it just before the movie came out, so hopefully I will read Mockingjay before the next movie comes out, I’d say I have a good year to do that!

I don’t know what really is ahead in 2014 but I really hope it’s going to be an incredible year. Pathetic I know, but there is so much good tv shows to look forward to, especially Sherlock tomorrow, which I have waited forever for. Hopefully, I might have a job change this year, but if I don’t, it won’t upset me too much. I just want 2014 to be the year!

I hope you all have an incredible 2014!


Music Of The Day: Katy Perry “By The Grace Of God” – a beautiful song!
Nails Of The Day: None.

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