The First 3 days

So we are now into the third day of 2014 and I have to say, pretty uneventful so far. But it’s only been three days, but a lot can happen in that time. I do believe judging by these first 3 days however, it’s going to be the year of weather!

Jan 1st was very uneventful, but I don’t really go in for all the new year stuff. We had a nice dinner, but that’s it. In the afternoon, however, I did watch Man of Steel and to be honest, didn’t really enjoy it. I have hard time enjoying anything with Superman in. I watched one episode of Smallville once and it bored me to death, but I did like the 2006 (I think!) movie. I found the action so fast in Man of Steel, it was so hard to follow and bad on the eyes and a lot of it looked very fake. What also got me was that the story kept chopping and changing (what story there was), it was so hard to follow and get into it in places. What annoyed me the most though, was the fact that they caused so much destruction, it looked like the flattened the town. I know in other movies (Marvel!), that they do destroy stuff, but it never seems to be to the extent that they did in Man of Steel and a lot of it seemed needless. Also, and I will admit this, I missed the cheesiness of Superman, with the icon suit, I think it took it self far too seriously and was trying to be like Batman, which is a very very different character. Then on the opposite end of that day, was the fantastic Sherlock, oh how I’ve missed you. Sherlock actually seemed a lot more human considering it seemed like he’d been living in some sort of alone wilderness for 2 years. That beginning twist was fantastic.

2nd of Jan was spent watching more stuff as well and trying to cut my box down (12% empty!!!). I got in a little Studio Ghibli action by watching “From Up On Poppy Hill” which I got for Christmas. It wasn’t rated as highly as ever SG movies, but I enjoyed it. I loved the clubhouse element, I would have love to have had one of them at school.

Today, you guessed it, I watched another movie. I did venture out to town and needless to say, but more nail varnish that I didn’t need (6 in total!). But while I had my lunch I watched Now You See Me, which I knew was going to be a really clever movie! I feel like I should have seen the ending coming from the beginning, but I didn’t! I loved the beginning bit as well, because I swear to you now, I picked the 7 of diamonds, I don’t know how they did that. I think I heard that they were making a sequel, which would be cool, as I really loved the trickery of it.

No movies tonight however, unless I can’t find anything to watch. It’s slim pickings till next week when all me lovely US shows come back / start. You may remember my love hate relationship with Revenge last year, but I plan on actually watching it live this year, rather than recorded. BTW, I have yet to watch the finale of 90210, I’m back up by a good 10+ episodes!


Musing Of The Day: I think I should go on Pointless. Anyone care to join me?
Nails Of The Day: Revlon Mistletoe – a bit late but a lovely shade.

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