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My trousers shopping nightmare!!

I have spoken before of my nightmare when it comes to buying trousers. I have managed to solve my out of work trousers easily with George, Next, New Look and my favourite, Dorothy Perkins. However, I need work trousers and this is a nightmare due to two reasons.

One, I need tall trousers! A lot of places offer tall trousers, but mostly in jeans which I can’t wear for work really. George do tall trousers, but they aren’t as tall as the jeans, which is weird! Second, and this is my annoyance, I hate hate hate the material that work trousers are made from. It’s so scratchy and itchy and it just makes my skin crawl! Also, they tend to have beyond massive flares!

I really like Jersey trousers and I managed to get a really love pair from Next last year, I wish I had bought more. But it always require a butt load of research before you manage to actually get a pair of trousers that are comfy. And why we should have to pay more for that extra couple of inches of cheap fabric is beyond me.

Rant over!


Song Of The Day: Nina Nesbitt “Not Me”
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

Just popping in…

So, this really isn’t going to be too much of an interesting post, as I haven’t really been up to much lately lol! Yes, I am boring.

Woke up to the sad news this morning that Merlin is ending. You probably thought I was going to say someone has died lol But seriously, I get into TV shows and if I had known earlier that this was ending this season, I would have sat and savored it a bit more. But I am defiantly on the side of Arthur finding out that Merlin is magical! I would have preferred the season to end with him finding out and then a 6th one with the aftermath of it, but there is talk of a possible movie, so still hope and plus, it doesn’t really end.

Speaking of TV shows, I have really been getting into I’m A Celebrity this year, I think they really have some great people in it. I used to watch this all the time, but then I think I gave up around season 5, but with the demise of Downton, I had nothing to watched and no matter how much I try, my Dad will not give in to my Dragon’s Den addiction (I don’t get why I love it!). I loved it on Saturday when Ashley screamed blue murder as part of her meddling task. Not as much as my Dad laughed when I, well, let me explain. I have a maths degree, so my mind often thinks mathematically. So, when it said X3 next to the BMW you could win in the competition, naturally I said, Why would anyone want 3 BMWS. Please stop laughing! Anyhoo, I don’t know who is going to win, but I kind of have a little, fixation if it’s the word, on Hugo lol! I find him endearing, is it just me? Enough to make me wanna go back on 4OD and watch the past 3 seasons of Made In Chelsea! Am I insane???

I am now freshly Shawn, as I went to the hairdressers on Saturday. Nearly came back minus an eye as the scissors stuck me just above my eyebrow, but in the hairdressers defense, I think I slightly moved when she was cutting my fringe. But I survived but I feel like I’m missing a limb as I had about half the length cut off my hair, cause it was really long.

In my randomness, I went Christmas Late Night Shopping this week and saw a Reindeer, which naturally living ina a city so small it’s almost a town, isn’t a day to day occurance. At first, I thought it might have been a well placed head dress on a Donkey, but it was in face a Reindeer. Evidence:

Anyway, the shopping it self, was a failure, in the fact that I bought one Christmas present and spent £70 on new clothes for myself!

And finally, yesterday I finally got to sit down and watch John Carter (aka From Mars, not ER!). After hearing about the fact it lost a butt load of money for Disney, you kinda prepare yourself for nothing much, but I always found the concept of it quite good. Anyway, I really truthfully enjoyed it. There is a story in there, I just think it had a lot to tell and get across to a lot of people who didn’t know the story, unlike say Harry Potter. But in all fairness, I sat there and got really into it. I don’t know why people didn’t go see it! It didn’t have the same (pardon my french!) shitiness that Prince Of Persia has, although I will admit it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. While I don’t think there will be a sequel, I hope they might reconsider.

And that’s my week!


Thought Of The Day: I own far too many calculators for one person, including one that cost £60!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A haul from the Lena White Nicole by OPI sale – Kendall On The Katwalk. I funnily enough went round half the day with only nine nails painted as one had a plaster on that I took off.

New Blog and More

Hey everyone

So, I’ve decided to start a new blog for writing about my fashion and beauty bits! I just felt this blog was getting a bit cramped and bogged down with that kind of post and I didn’t want this blog to about that, I wanted it to be more diary like, so that’s what I’m going to do. There might be the odd bit of stuff about fashion and beauty on here, but it will be more indepth at my new blog.

To put that in one sentence, this blog is for ranting and that blog is for beauty+fashion lol If you want to follow that blog it:

So, back to normal. Today, the heavens opened on my way home from town. It’s safe to say that the rule with British weather is ALWAYS TAKE AN UMBRELLA! Thankfully, I did. I didn’t spend much in town today, because I caved and bought the dress I wanted in New Look last week. My reason for doing so, is that I was miserable with a cold and needed cheering up, so sue me! It isn’t on the New Look website still, but it’s going to be in my September favourites on my new blog, so I will link to it. I got a No7 £5 off voucher, which I think I know how I’m going to put to good use. I’ve also racked up a fair amount of pointage, but I think I’ll save them till after Christmas!

I also didn’t spend too much because the lovely people who paid me have decided not only to pay me to my old contract, but to pay me into the wrong account. And because like everything nowadays, the payslips are computerized and I can’t get into my account, because it says my password is wrong (which it bloody well isn’t) and, yes there is more, when I try to reset my password, it says it doesn’t recognise me. I have probably rambled on about this on my blog before. Who ever invented my payroll system, needs a lesson in coding, cause there’s is a big mess of code that doesn’t work. I have emailed them, but most likely I will have to ring them tomorrow.

Did everyone watch the final Doctor Who last night? I thought is was, SUPERB! I really enjoyed it, more than the other episodes they’ve had lately, I can;t wait for the second half of the series to come back. But, this does mean that Merlin will be back next weekend, which I also can’t wait for! It really annoys me how people pick apart Doctor Who, when your look on Digital Spy, they literally rip it to shreds. If you don’t like it, the why the hell are you watching it in the first place, there is just no point to that, unless you love moaining about every fricking detail. I think one person in the comments summed it up well, saying doesn’t anyone just WATCH Doctor Who anymore, which is so right, most people are far to fan crazy over it. Just watch it and deal with it!

I think that’s about it for now, so I shall bid you farwell until the next time!


Thought Of The Day: Picked the wrong day to wear suede shoes!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None! That’s all.

Sale on and I need nothing!

There is a mahoossive sale on at Model’s Own, with 50% off everything! This is quite frankly insane, because you could spend £50 and only pay £25. I don’t know if it’s lucky or not, but I actually do not need or want anything at the moment! I have spent quite a bit online this month and I know there are a few things I want next month, like the new Lauren Conrad Beauty book and also the OPI Skyfall collection, which is out now, but I can’t afford to pay full price for OPI and I’m lucky that I so far have never had to. I would highly recommend that you check the Model’s Own sale out though, because they have some great shades.

I still haven’t managed to get to town to get the dress I want in New Look, thanks to the fricking weather! I’ve literally checked the site every day and it’s not on there yet, so I’m hoping they take longer to get to the website than they do to the store. But luck would have it, it’s actually sunny right now! Can you believe it, I think I’m gonna go blind!

Just a small update, hopefully have some more interesting ones soon!


SongOf The Day: Rihanna’s new single “Diamonds” is superb!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None but hopefully will get to do my nails tonight.

Shopping for Trouser = Nightmare

As you have guess from what I have written on my blog, I love clothes and I love shopping for clothes. However, there is one part of shopping that is the bane of my existence – shopping for trousers! I cannot stand shopping for trousers, because more often than not, I can’t find any that fit!

I wouldn’t say I basketball player tall or anything like that, but my legs I longer than the average, so I really need either clothes from the tall section or 34″ at a push. As well, I am not a skinny model type either, but shops seem to have this opinion that slightly chunkier people, can’t have a long leg (legs :)) either. So when it comes to buying trousers, I am a shops worst nightmare. Dorothy Perkins and New Look both had a really good tall rang, but both of my local stores seem to have ditched their tall range altogether and online, they only tend to have jeans in, which I can’t wear for work. I would wear leggings more, but the quality in most shops is so poor. I have a pair, which holed on their first wear. I also have to be careful with the waistband, because I sit down a lot for my job and I hate it when they dig in because their stiff.

But, I am determined! I am going to go to Asda, because their George range is really good for leg length and generous sizing. I noticed a lot of trousers are skinny at the moment and while I do like that, I would prefer a straight leg and they tend to have a good variety of legs (that sounds weird lol!). I really should have thought about buying work clothes maybe a few weeks ago, rather than with 1 week left of my holidays! I’m not the best for timing.

In other exciting news, I finally actually bought an item on my dream wardrobe list. I got the Black Aztec Print Top from New Look today and I am very pleased with my purchase. I could have literally cleared their Cameo Rose range, but I didn’t thankfully. My telly cut out today and the signal went! I was actually in the kitchen while it was turning on, so I just thought it was really quiet, but no we had no signal. It’s back now, but in all the confusion, I turned on a film thinking it was the start, but it was the bloody end! I finished Avatar again today, I must admit I like it considering it took me so long to watch it (I thought it was a lot of hype, which I think it still is a little, I think the technology of it took over, because underneath it, it’s quite a regular story). And that’s about it, I think.


Quote Of The Day: Although I said this yesterday, I also thought it today. Rather than speak about the great quality of acting, or the fantastic cgi ect, my thoughts on Avatar were – “God, Sam Worthington has skinny legs”. Over my head lol!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Angelica (which isn’t a primark range, just sold their) in Emerald Isle (thumb) and Sorbet (fingers).

Image: Source

How a 4 Drawer Set Made Me Happy!

Today, I have finally bought some drawers to fit in the bottom of my wardrobe!!! I have literally not been as happy as this in ages and that my friends, is pathetically sad! I know it might seem crazy to be this excited over drawers, but I have been trying to get some for about the past month, that will fit in my what I call (Miranda!) half wardrobe and today, I found the perfect ones in Wilkinson, for a steal at £15. I am already putting one draw as the nail draw lol So I have a lovely afternoon of sorting out my wardrobe, although I now realise my obsession with huge bags, may cause an issue, as they will not fit in any of the drawers.

I am also happy, because today I finally received a refund on the two faulty tops I bought. Even more, I got a top very similar to one of the faulty ones, in New Look, it was cheaper, nicer design and after one wash, the design is still on it! It just goes to show that the quality of those other tops, was crap. So I am now going to write a lovely email to new look, which they might find weird, but I just thought I’d be nice to them. I am going to do a dream wardrobe post in a moment, because there is a bucket load of clothes I would love from New Look and as it’s my birthday a week today, I might just have to go spend!

TV Show Of The Day: I am sorry but I can’t get enough of Thelma’s Gypsy Girls, I can’t wait to watch the last one tomorrow!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non and I was going to get the limited edition Barry M Jewel Britannia, but it wasn’t in my Boots! But, as a lovely alternative, I scored some fab Sally Hansen Nail effects, which I don’t think you can really get in the UK, for £3.99 each. So I’ll be trying those out later.

Horrible Customer Service

I am really at the end of my tether with the quality of Customer Service I am receiving from a store at the moment. I had two items of clothing which I washed once, as instructed and the design washed off. I had managed to get a replacement for one after it happened the first time, but they are trying their best to find any excuse not to give me a refund the second time.

First, they told me by the medium of sight, that to them it looked like the clothes had been tumble dried and through all their trying to be niceness, they basically told me it was my fault. I didn’t know if they had been or not (I’m lazy – my dad washed them!). But I knew in the back of mind they hadn’t which my Dad confirmed. I contacted their head office, who basically told me to try again in store. Yet they still won’t give me a refund, even though they’ve been washed as stated – their excuse being member of staff haven’t had the issue and no one else has brought them back.

I’ve emailed trading standards now cause it’s just getting on my nerves and if I don’t get it sorted soon, it will be out of the 28 days money back guarantee. I’m hoping to hear something on Monday but I am down over £25 with two tops I can’t wear! It is complety ridiculous!

Wimbledon Finale!!!

I was going to add a nice little image to the top of this post, like I have with my other posts, but due to a sport injury on my left arm, it hurts to much to be fancy with photoshop. Well, I say sport injury, but unless you count extreme shopping a sport, then you might want to score out the sport part of the injury. I banged right into one of the columns in the middle of New Look yesterday! It hurt!

I got some lovely things yesterday on my shopping trip with Helen. I wanted to post some pictures, BUT New Look Online doesn’t have the dress I bought and I don’t think Internacionale has an online shop. I got two tops and some boots in there. I think I’ll take a picture of the dress and post it, as it’s beyond wicked!

Anywhoo, back to the actual title of the post. I can’t believe the Wimbledon final is here already. I think it’s going to be a really great one this year. I’ll be cheering on both players, as I think they are both really great at Tennis, and as much as I would love Andy Murray to win, if Federer did, I wouldn’t be upset either. I just hope that it doesn’t go on for too long cause sometimes, if there pretty even match, it can get relentless.

I think I should re title this post as hardly any of it is about Wimbledon lol.

Song Of The Day: No song today! Not really had music on yet!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nothing either! But my new Bundle Monster stamping plates arrived on Friday so I will experiment this afternoon!

Dream Wardrobe Finds!

I must admit that I do take a fancy to high end fashion sometimes. I do not own anything that could ever be classed as high fashion but everyone can dream! Because I do my style stealers article, I sometimes end up with some exact finds but also find a few things I would like to own, but know I never could. This being the first:

This Catherine Malandrino Lace-ruffled silk-chiffon blouse is so pretty, but considering it’s £310, it’s gone on the dream list lol! I just think this would suit me no end, so I’ll be looking for a cheaper version.

I have wanted a pair of Frye Engineer Boots for years!!! This is actually a more do able thing as they are £146.03 and I bet they would last for years. I think one day I will own these!

This I could definatly and really want to own! This Zuzi Zuzi Feather Print Tunic Top is from New Look and I saw it in town last week. But as usual, they didn’t have my size. They did in the black version, but I really love the red colour. I want it for my end of work do! I am going shopping with my friend Helen tomorrow, so I hope they have restocked!

Will let you know what I get tomorrow!