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The Annual Christmas Cold

I don’t think there is ever a December that goes by that I don’t get sick. Last year I had the mother of all colds, which meant I had to have a week off work, which is something I never do. I have the odd day, but never a whole week in a row, I think the most I’ve had off is two days. I am currently in the throws of another Christmas Cold but this one, touch wood, is not as bad and I can still go to work, even though it wasn’t great today working with a cold. But nevertheless, it would not be Christmas without one (though one year, I would like to see December clear and not delirious in cold!).

Christmas is fast coming round and while I thought I was pretty much prepared, I’m in fact not! You may notice the rather lovely pile of parcels in the twitter pic to the left and while I’d like to say they are all Christmas presents, only one is! The bloody problem with Christmas shopping is that you tend to browse and while you browse, you see so much bloody stuff you like, you end up spending more on yourself (at least I do!). I’m not too bad and think I have most of the stuff mentally bought just not physically. In theory, this means they are still in the shop and waiting for me, my name on them. I very much doubt that in reality!

I planned to watch some Christmas movies this weekend, but in fact, I watched 4 movies and non were Christmas related. As I was pretty much sofa bound on Saturday, I watched my cheer me up movie, which is Tangled! I could watch this movie so many times and never get sick of it! I just love the song “I See The Light”, it is one of my all time favourite Disney songs. Then after that, I watched my main man Thor – btw, I think The Dark World is so much better than the first, but if Thor is happening to be listening (he is currently sat opposite me in Lego form anyway), like children, I love them both equally. Then I also watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which gave me everything I could have wanted from a British movie – perfect.

On to last night and as soon as I saw this was on, I knew I just had to watch it. We all have our guilty pleasure movies that while might not have got the best reviews or might not be “Oscar” worthy as it were, you just can’t help but love and watch. And one of my all time favourites that I have watched since I was a kid, is The Brady Bunch Movie. I love that fact that as an adult, while I still remember loads of it, there were some bits that I understand now and realise how rude in fact they are. I love films like that, that children can watch, but adults can totally get an in joke from. I have a copy of it on VHS (that’s a video btw), but I looked it up on DVD and bloody hell is is expensive, because your can’t really get hold of it and I’m not being funny, but who wouldn’t want it on DVD. I am going to go and look in a replay shop tomorrow. And can I just say, I never truly appreciate how much Greg Brady is actually very good looking!!! As a child, I obviously didn’t appreciate that!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Just For Now” – a great alternative kind of xmas song.
Nails Of The Day: None.

You don’t need to drink

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before and now I’m about to say it, that’s one thing you can say you know about me that I thought you didn’t (RE: tomorrows post!). I don’t drink alcohol. I can’t say I never had, because I’ve tasted it, but as for a full glass of wine, or a pint of beer, nope! I’ve probably not had alcohol (unless it’s in a food!) since I was about 17. I can’t say that I will not drink for my whole life, but at the moment, I just don’t want too. I’ve never been one for going to nightclubs or out round town, I’d much rather go to the movies!

Last night, in a rare night out, I went out for dinner for my birthday (tomorrow!!!) with my friend – and I had such a good night. We went for Tapas, which having never had before and being a bloody fussy eater, I was a bit worried about. I don’t know Tapas etiquette, so I text my sister before to ask how many dishes I might need to order and what not. But in the end we got 5 main dishes and some breads. We got Chicken in Garlic which was delicious, some fish bites and sweet chilli sauce, some potatoes croquettes, some potatoes in paprika which were far to hot for me and some prawn and chirrizo kebabs. I’ve never had a prawn till last night and while I liked the taste (they taste like prawn crackers) I can’t stand the texture, there too much like bean sprouts, another thing I won’t eat! But it was all so lovely and I learnt the spanish for Garlic which I can’t now remember!

Then for dessert, I stuck with what I knew and got Chocolate Fudge Cake. Well, you should have seen this thing, it was 4 layers and even me, the queen of cake, could not eat it all, it’s sad to say it defeated me.

But I had such a fun night on the Diet Coke and it goes to show, not preaching, you don’t need alcohol to appreciate a great night out with a friend (I say night out, I was back indoors just after 9!).


Itch Of The Day: Bites, I have now a grand total of five, including 3 on one foot. Never realised just how tasty I am!
Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved.

Made it out alive!!

I could be really really arse kissing and say how sorry I am for not posting and crawl my way back into your hearts, but the truth is, I’ve been very very busy at work. I think for August though, I am going to try and post either every day or every other day. Here’s hoping.

This morning I had the lovely pleasure of going to the dentist. If you know me by now, you know I hate anything to do with the dentist or my teeth. The worse thing is I had to go for a filling and I had to pay the lovely pleasure of £40 for it too. But luckily, as it was a tiny filling, she gave me a white one instead of a silver one, for the same price of a silver one. So at least it blends in!

Now, I’m not a violent person by any means, but I could willing punch a dentist, because they seem to love inflicting pain, while keeping you waiting and charging you a butt load. I even had to wait nearly ten minutes today and I know that isn’t a lot compared to some dentists but my appointment was at 9:30, so I was basically the first one in! Then I had to listen to the people on the desk bitch and moan about either the other employees or someone they both knew. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard them bitching on the desk (I don’t live at the dentist by the way, I just end up going a lot!), and I could clearly make out what they were saying, maybe I should use this info as a bargaining chip to get money off my bill!

Luckily, I was a very very brave person and I had my filling without an injection, as that’s the bit that hurts the most! I was contemplating going to the mahoosive new sweet shop that opened after, but I came home instead and as I was hungry, I thought what better than a soft slice of dairylea that will give me some extra calcium!

Luckily, I’m not going back till January! Thank God!


TV Show Of The Day: After watching 7 seasons of Grey’s, the library didn’t have 8, do I am currently rewatching Doctor Who, from the 9th Doctor onwards.
Nails Of The Day: I am currently going through a Nail Envy week treatment, so I have nothing on me nails!

I’m cheating … sssssh!

Essentially, this title is an over exaggeration, but who cares! 2 post in 2 days! record!

So last night, I watched my first ever episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I know, many years behind, but I do have my reasons! Anyway, I thought it was really good, I watched the first ever episode, after being lended (it’s a word!) a season 1 – 4 boxset. So I’m gonna continue  But here are my issues. Unrelated to the title of this post, why would you put as an extra on a season 1 disc, I look back at season 1. Is that not the purpose of buying the bloody season in the first place. Idiots! And now, in relation to the title.

I am an E.R. junkie (that sounds wrong!). I loved E.R. from the moment I first watched it (first episode being the one where Carter gets stabbed, I caught up with the back episodes on repeat) and loved it till it finished. It is one show, that I genuinely do miss each year, when the new US dramas come to the UK. There was never a rubbish episode, and I do intend to one day own the entire series on dvd. So when Grey’s came around, I was all like, I have a medical drama to watch, and I think it wasn’t on freeview telly at the time. But now I have this feeling – Am I cheating on ER!!?? The answer I’m gonna go for is no, because E.R. is gritter than Grey’s, Grey’s is like E.R. but posh. I do miss the grittiness, but I’m gonna keep watching. Grey’s is also more like House, which thanks to the idiots known as SKY TV, I never got to see the end of. Sky do this where they take shows, that have got really good audience on freeview and steal them, because they wouldn’t know how to pick a great show if they tried – Glee, Lost, Chuck to name but a few! If you haven’t got this by now – I HATE SKY!

In updates of what I did yesterday, I completed season 1 of New Girl and also got the fab news that Taylor Swift is gonna be in New Girl. This is exactly the same as when Hilary Duff got cast in Gossip Girl, my favourite things coming together! I also made a teeny tiny dent into my film folder. I started, but haven’t finished She’s Out Of My League and I watched and loved more than I thought I would The Runaways. I tend to not like films that Kristen Stewart is in cause she annoy’s me slightly (don’t ask! and it’s poor judgement on my part having never met her! Bad me!), but saying this now I really liked Snow White and the Huntsman, and I really liked her in The Runaways.

In updating on today, I am baking! I am watching The Big Reunion! I am reorganising  And I’m ticked off that my nails have all chipped and I blame Morrisons!


Film Of The Day: The Runaways
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Sally Hansen in The Sky’s The Limit and Lavender Cloud, with a glitter coat of OPI I juggle…. men!

A (Double) Day In The Life #002

So, another of my rather riveting (yeah right!) day in the life post – although this one is quite good! My definition of day is used quite loosely, as this is more a weekend!

So, on Saturday, I had a good sleep in before I set about my task for the day, which coincidentally ended up turning into my weekend task as it took that bloody long! I wanted to put some CD’s I knew I owned on my iPod, but they weren’t on my shelf, so I had to go searching for them. Well, I just about ripped the house apart trying to find them and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked in both my wardrobes, under my bed, in my cupboard, in my computer cupboard, under my sister’s bed, in the loft and in the landing cupboard – here is the evidence:


This is just some of the stuff that I literally flung out of my landing cupboard. But by tea time, I hadn’t found them. So I gave up for the day.

The night didn’t turn that interesting, except I watched the whole second series of Mrs Browns Boys. I never watched it on the telly, but my Dad likes it, so I thought I’d give it a watch and if you can get past the swearing, which doesn’t bother me a half my family are Irish, it’s really funny. I tell everyone it reminds my Dad at home, but I don’t think her appreciates that!

Sunday started with me trying to think were the hell those CD’s were, but before I had a chance to look, we popped into town. I managed not to go near any beauty products, well, I say that loosely! I got two rather lovely Sally Hansen polishes in Pound World. It’s a bit like a sale, you have to really dig, but you come up with the goods lol! Then in Accessorize, I got a myself a lovely new pair of gloves, because mine have a hole in. Well, these new ones have a giant hole in because they are fingerless, but I love fingerless gloves, as they give easy access to your iPod, and for some strange reason they actually keep my hands warm. What’s more, they were down from £15 to only £4.50, which is a great bargain for the quality. Then, of course, we took a little trip to Maccy D’s (aka McDonalds – it really does make your day – that’s an old tag line!).

Then, this afternoon, the task was as follows – find the bloody cd’s. I literally pulled apart everything I looked through yesterday and still nothing turned up. I even braved the cold of the loft again, where I nearly crapped myself yesterday, when a leg fell off a table while I was up there, as you can see in the picture:


Then, finally I found them – and I think I was even more annoyed when I actually found them than when I couldn’t, because they were in the back of my bloody wardrobe – a place I go to every day! It wasn’t long since I tided it out and don’t actually remember putting them in there, which is strange, but at least I finally found them.

So that’s my weekend – was it riveting enough!


Thought Of The Day: Where the hell are they?
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None

A (partial) day in the life! #001

So, as part of my whole trying to blog more, here is the first in what I hope are more day in the life posts! Note the fact says partial, as today has not ended, but as I plan to watch tv tonight, I don’t think that is of much interest to you!

So my morning started off with two lovely slices of toast, followed by getting ready for work! I usually get up at 7 and am out the door by about 8.20. I’m not gonna say what my job is, but I think I have mentioned before, I work in education. Today’s morning was slightly delayed, because of my outfit of choice and my inability to take tissues out of my pocket before washing. So after 5 minutes of excessive rolling with a lint roller, I looked less snowman than I would have done.

Thursday is known to me as “Buy Your Lunch Thursday”, so today I got a lovely Ham and Cheese sandwich, a crispie bar and then to my surprise, something I didn’t know had come back!:


I fricking loved Wotsit Waffles when they first came out! Does anyone know if they have the cheese ones still, I may just google it 😦 Don’t think there is, have they been back a long time and am I just fricking blind!

Anyway, after a rather good day at work, I took a sneaky trip into town on the way home and stopped off for some goodies a Lush and Superdrugs. I love the packaging that Lush product come in, even the bag! I got Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser, Popcorn lip scrub and because I donated £1 to charity, I got a sample of Charity Pop Body and Hand Lotion. Quite a good haul for under a tenner. Then in Superdrug, which I paid with in points so bonus, I got the MUA Fur Effect Nails, which I am hoping to try out soon.

Back home, I sat down to check up on some news on Digital Spy. I saw the Oscar noms and I gotta say, I haven’t really seen any this year! But it does seem predictable. I will be watching Les Misérables this weekend and have seen The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientist and a couple of the more blockbuster ones in the costume, sound etc, but I’m not going to both predicting this year. I also saw the news abut the bendy Samsung Phone and was like what’s the point, but then a rather funny comment from someone called “S Herbie”, which says:

There isn’t a point, just a gentle curve

Then after tea, I blog here and will be blogging on my beauty blog about my Lush haul and that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know if I bored you to death.


Word Of The Day: PARTY!!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Essence in Modern Romance.