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Birthday Results!

Apologies for my last post, I was actually being a bit crazed! It’s working fine now!

Anyway, today is the day when people get their A-Level results. I maybe close to 26 but I can still remember the exact day that I got my A-Level results and exactly what happened, because I was the unfortunate sod who got their A-Level results on their 18th Birthday!!!

Now, I can’t complain about my birthday, as I am always off for it, as it always falls in the 6 weeks holidays, but there has got to be better things than to get your A-Level results on your birthday! I didn’t even do that well, but as long as I got into Uni (which I did) it didn’t matter! But I can still remember exactly where I was sat, exactly what I did and just feeling dread, because I truly hate exams. I am not thick by any means, I think I’m quite clever actually, not creepy clever, but a natural level of cleverness. But I just can’t do exams, I don’t know what it is, but I think I just can’t get across the points I am trying to make. I mean Maths exams, I can do them! But other ones, nope. I’ve never believed in exams either, because you can learn everything for an exam and not have a clue what any of it means, it doesn’t show a true person in any way, but that’s the educationist in me talking! And as my sister pretty much aced everything she did, there was always a comparison, because there is only one school year between us.

So to anyone getting there A-Level results today, do not panic, because I didn’t do the best and I turned out half decent with a good job! And to any who are getting them on their birthday, ignore whatever happens today and enjoy your birthday. Deal with everything else later, there is always an option!


Treat Of The Day: Guess who bought more NERDS!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as before!

The Lethal Weapo

Yesterday I helped out as a dinner lady at dinner time (official title is wellfair staff, but pretty much the same thing), in the key stage one were in eating there dinner. Never had I thought before that the word lethal and YOGURT, would be used in the same sentence, but yesterday they were. They get the damn thing everywhere, they get more on themselves than in there bloody mouth, one girl was actually sat in it. And guess who had to clean it up, ME! Well I get paid (hopefully) too lol!

Funny web video time, what do you get if you cross High School Musical with (wait for it…..)  SOUTH PARK. See the video here.

Slap wrist

I was very stupid last night and did not post a post SCD blog, I have no idea why, I just totally forgot, I promise one for next week.

Today was a teaching training day so I was in learning first aid. It was a better day than I thought that it would be. we had to do the recovery position and airways, and so when it was my turn to lie down and pretend to have had an accident, I couldn’t stop laughing lol.

We also used them resuscitation dolls, which are wicked, but deep scary. You have to add there lungs and you also have to add there face, so when you first get them they look decapitated, v.freaky.


Kids say the funniest things…

Today the class learnt at Synonyms. Im glad she told me what they were before hand because I did not have a clue (btw there words that mean the same thing like happy, cheerful, excited).

So she asked the class what they thought Synonyms meant, and I swear to god, I nearly burst out laughing. One girl told me she though they were doughnuts. I asked why, and she said it was because you get Synonyms doughnuts, meaning Cinnamon. lol


I HEART Heroes

I am so excited about this new series of Heroes. A lot of people didnt like s2, which I couldnt understand because I thought that it was great. But then again I prefer Shrek 2 to the first one, which no can understand, I think it’s bloody hilarious. Im so glad we got this Sylar back, because to be honest, he was insanly boring in the last series, but now we have s1 Sylar back. And how wicked is this connection to Peter and Nathan.

One person who I never understand was the character of Nikki/ Jessica/ whoever? She seemed pretty pointless to me anyway, and now it seems they are doing anything just to keep her in the program.

It is so wicked though that we get the episodes only like a week after America do. There was about a year gap in the first series, but now we get them so fast. I love it, now I dont get spoilt when I here stuff online.

Its been an odd day today. I woke up thinking it was Saturday, and now I think its Friday, cause we always use to watch Ugly Betty on a Friday, but now we watch it on a Thursday, and it throws me, I know that sounds kinda sad that I revolve around telly, you should meet my sister. If the telly were in the bathroom… I wont finish that lol.

It was dead quiet in class today, because the trouble maker was off. I never realised how much difference it would make but it does. He very demanding, but luckily I dont have to deal with him to much, Im am mostly trying to stop kids from falling off there chairs because they just love to swing on the bloody things, I dont know why.


Busy B

It’s been a very weird couple of days at the school cause it been quite busy with lots of different things happening.

We had a special visit from the bishop yesterday which was fun, and it also meant the posh biscuit came out. However someone must have annihilated them, cause they had all gone by today. I believe we keep biscuit companies in business.

Plus I had a load of stuff to do on my sites, which I must do tomo or else lol!

Cant write anymore got do something else lol


I hate the post office

How glad am I that Gary got kicked off SCD?? V.Happy, made my day.

Today I was at school, and they were painting the back door. But they had to burn the paint off not sure why, so it literally stank everywhere, and because the door was open it made the school even colder than it already is. I am seriously thinking I might start wearing gloves, because my nails were literally blue. It was warmer outside.

Then after that I had to go to the post office, just to nip in. Ended up in there for 10 minutes, because only 2 out of the 5 counters were on. And then I had to suffer a posh snob from the grammer talking over me to someone stood at the other side complaining that she had to send her step mum a present. And the other girl was complaining about how she had to get yen to go on holiday. They really have a hard life. I have actually changed roots because im sick of them walking into on the pavement, just because they think they own it.

I am sure there is something else I wanted to write about, but if it were that important I would have remembered lol!