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Ahh Hugo!

Good evening everyone! I have suitably calmed down since my last posting and am in less of a craze (till Thursday – ahh a wee clue for you there).

This week has seen the return of I’m A Celebrity (term used loosely!) and I wasn’t planning on watching it this year, because the line up just didn’t seem as good as last year. Last years was the first one I had watched in a good 4-5 years, because the line up was good, but this years, no one really interested me – so far anyway. Plus, there is literally feck all else on the TV this week (except for Saturday OMG!). But all of this has actually nothing to do with this years IAC, but more to do with last years and the wonder that was…. Hugo!

It’s safe to say, last year, I developed a bit of a… thing for Hugo and the return of IAC this year has made me remember all about it. I haven’t seen him since (on the tv I mean, not physically in real life – they wouldn’t let me in Chelsea, I’m too common – FACT). Where is he? Where did he go? and more importantly, When the hell is he coming back? If anyone knows the answers to any of said question then leave said answers in the old comments!



Video Of The Day: The Sesame Street Hunger Games parody – Finnick’s a right idiot in it! Check my twitter for a link!
Nails Of The Day: None, but I have a Hunger Games themed look rolling around in the old brain!

Welcome back blog + my Insanity

Needless to say, after my epic fail of blogging in August, I’ve been a tad on the quite side. I would like to say that in this time I have had a world wind time, doing something crazy. In all fairness, and to quote Mrs Brown, I have done feck all! I’ve just been working, working and working some crazy more. So rather than bore you with the details of that, I will update you with where I am now.

I am currently obsessed with the fact Christmas is currently round the corner and I have ordered a fair few presents online (and by that I mean ordering myself a fair few items too!). I am currently in the predicament of applying for a job which would be better than my current one in responsibility and hierarchy if you will, but is less hours and not the best but might be an in, so I’m gonna be mulling over that one for a while. I am currently in a post Thor 2 calm down and that’s about it.

Now, to the insanity part of the title and I really an honestly truly believe that I might be on the old scale of craziness. In a general day to day, I do believe I am just one bit short of bat crap, but yesterday took it to a whole new level.

As you may be fully aware from previous posts, I do tend to go a bit crazy for the old celebrity crushes and I currently have a new one, which was unexpected because it was somebody in the past that I actually kind of hated, because he got a role that my never ending celebrity crush was “in the running for”. However, for some reason, of late, I can’t get enough. Anyway, cut to yesterday, when I find out that they are married!!

There is literally no chance in hell that I will ever meet this person let alone be a part of said persons life or in fact be this persons significant other – yet the fact this person was married blew my head off. Because I am that insane and crazy, and I practically was saddened the whole night. God, if this person ever read this (thank god I haven’t mentioned a name) than they would probably agree with my own self diagnosis.

If you would like to read more of my past craziness / celebrity crushes, just click on the word “Hugo” in the tag bar. God help me I need a brain transplant (or a bladder enlargement – but that’s a whole other story!)


BTW, if you can guess who it is, I shall give you the pride of a job well done!

Thought Of The Day: Toliet!
Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Nail Wraps

I’m not dead

I just thought I would pop in to let you know that officially, I really am not dead! I don’t know if I can’t handle time, but I have had time to do nothing! Well, that again officially isn’t strictly true, I’ve certainly had enough time to watch 18 episodes of Glee since Friday! It’s a disease and I’m so glad I have it.

More to the point, I don’t really have much to type about at the moment, cause I’m pretty boring as late. My eyes is puffy, if that counts at all as interesting (only interesting because I don’t know why it’s puffy, maybe I hit myself in my sleep!). But, never fear, the half term is coming soon!

That’s about it really, so I shall go until I have something more interesting….

I just remembered something actually  it might be on my twitter feed, but I thought today for one moment that royal mail/post office has redeemed itself, when a book I pre-ordered arrived on time. But within the same second it lost any hope by miss delivering a letter to my house for someone else. I think what is worse is the fact the letter was from them!!! They can’t even send letters from themselves correctly!

Anyway, it’s too cold to type anymore, goodbye for now


TV Shows Of The Day: Glee and no, I will never stop believing!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nails Inc Elizabeth Street with Max Factor Fantasy Fire over the top!

She Said Beauty Box September

Hey everyone,

So my She Said September Beauty Box arrived today. It was actually left outside, behind a slate in my front yard, which is really funny, I’m glad no one spotted it! I was excited to get this one, because August’s (my first) was a bit hit and miss, bland if you will, but this ones seems a lot better.

First off, there is a Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel. Not a brand I’ve heard off, but it claims to gently exfoliate, getting rid of blackheads and dead skin. I have a pretty set face routine but I might give it a go. It’s not got a strong green tea scent. You get 10g (10mls I believe), so mathematically it’s worth about £3.60, cause the full size is £22.

Next are two goodies from Collection 2000. These are full size, which I am surprised about because there not huge and the price for each is £5.99, which I think is a tad expensive for Collection 2000. the first is a primer, Primed & Ready Smoothing Make Up Primer. I tried this on the back of my hand and I loves the feeling it gave to my skin, so I can’t wait to test this out! The second is a fixer, Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer. I have used an ELF one before, whether it works, I don’t know, but this is another one I can’t wait to try. I think it smells like baby oil lol.

Next is a DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, for removing Make-up. I currently use Neutrogena wipes, but it’s nothing set, just something I grabbed for. This again is a full sized mini, at £3.50. I don’t think I would ever pay that for it, but I’ll give it a shot first. and finally, on the beauty side, there is a Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. I love clay facial masks, and this is a very natural based band (over 94% natural ingredients). I’ll probably pop this on after work tomorrow, in front of an episode of Ugly Betty lol

I think Septembers Skin Care box is well worth it’s money, with the two collection 2000 products alone. It’s a big improvement on August and also, as an extra, was a packet of Popchips. I haven’t tried them before, but there is only 46 calories in a bag, and my god do you get a heck of a lot of flavour for that! I will so be going out to buy some, I hope they sell them at Londis lol!

I’ll report back with my findings (I sound like I’m in MI5 or something!).


Snack Of The Day: It would have been double flavour jelly, but the popchips just out did it! Notice how they are not in the picture, they didn’t even last looking through the box lol! Just googled and not at Londis, but WHSmith be warned, I’m coming!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: W7 Salt n Pepper, but have taken it off as it got chipped to death on my official official first day back.

Good on Murray!

Just as a little side post before my main post of the day, I just wanna say how proud I was of Andy Murray yesterday and I don’t care that he didn’t beat Roger Federer, he played amazingly. And despite what some people say (you know who you are channel 4 news!) he certainly did not fail. Considering he got to the final, he won a set and he was playing Roger freaking Federer, I wouldn’t say that was half bad!

Post SCD – Nov 15th

Welcome to my post SCD blog hope you like it, here are my thoughts for last nights show:

Best Overall Dance:

I definatley think that Rachel deserved 39 because it was one of the best rumba’s I’ve ever seen, so not a bottom 2 dance

Worst Overall Dance:

Finally the judges have realised she can’t dance, im hoping she’ll go out tonight.


How Tom never gets a 10 I will never know. austin get one and I dont think he deserved to.

Thats all for now, Ill give you an update tomo after I have watched the results show tonight!

Post SCD – Nov8th

Welcome to my post SCD blog hope you like it, here are my thoughts for last nights show:

Best Overall Dance:

Yet again he did a fab dance, and he can really hold his own which is great. i thought tha Rachaels was really good to, thank god he didnt drop her lol!

Worst Overall Dance:

How that got 36 I never know, it was totally boring, just round and round and round, it was not worth the score it got at all.


Just like Lisa’a this was another dance that was not worth 36, the judges really need to sort out there scoring, and porr John got 12!

Thats all for now, Ill give you an update tomo after I have watched the results show tonight!

My New Blog Home

Carried on from my old blog here.

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog home. Im loving wordpress so I thought Id set a blog up here.

I do not have much to report on today, as the title of my blog would suggest, so instead I will give you a round up of some funny events (at least to me) and some good events of my week:

  1. Harvest: Yesterday at the school I work at as a TA it was Harvest Festival. We had some really great assemblys in the morning. I really had to try and not laugh at the reception pictures, because to be honest most looked like they had just stuck there hand in paint and swirled it round on the page, although one did have a very impressive looking goose on. Im with year 4 and not be biased but I thought ares was the best, even if we did leave the most mess lol! Then I went delivery some of harvest boxes with the year 6’s to the old fokes home across the road which was fun, it was a lot bloddy warmer in there then in our school, its so cold.
  2. Keys: On monday I managed to lock myself out of my house. I went to uni for 3 years and not once did I lock myself out. I had a lot to remember that day though because we had a TA meeting which I couldnt forget. And then a bunch of other stuff on top of that. Luckily I was with me mate Sharon (HIYA!!!), so I rang my dads work and they said they’d get a message to him to ring me, but he didnt so I went to the hospital where my sister works and managed to get the keys off her. But then I got a call from my dad saying he was near the house, even though I was told he was gonna call to tell me he was coming, and so I had to tell hime Id got the keys and go back to work. A v.stressful day.
  3. Heroes: Bloody fantastic how we get the new series of heroes only a week after the americans. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen, very intresting so farm but the whole Claire’s brain bit was v.icky.

I think really that is about it. I booked some tickets to go and see Moths ate my doctor who scarf which I cant wait to go and see. Also if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend you go see Potted Potter, it were bloody funny!