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January’s Over

I can’t believe that already it is nearly the end of January, don’t just doesn’t sound or sit right with me. Doesn’t see to minutes since it was Christmas! I don’t feel like I’ve done that much this January either, I thought it would be more productive. I did, as you can see to the left of this post on me old twitter account, bake doughnuts for the first time this weekend, which was really interesting but I don’t want that to be the big be all and end all of my January!

I am not so usually ailment ridden as it seems on this blog, but this morning I woke up with a sore eye. I had woke up in the middle of the night and felt it, but thought nothing of it. But now the pain seems to have moved to my nose, which make me think (sorry for any following visual), that there is something evil brewing on my nose. Let’s just say I’m armed and ready for whatever comes!!

I haven’t said anything yet about the last episode of Sherlock and too be honest, while there was a great twist in the first part of it, this series has not been my favourite, I prefer the other two much more. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t get into the stories as well. I should have re-watched the previous two series of it, before going into this. It wasn’t terrible by any means, any of those episodes is mile better than an average episode of an average show, I just didn’t feel it. This weekend was all about Arrow though, which is a new series I’ve been getting into. I won’t go into full rant as to why, I’m sure I have ranted about it on this blog sometime before, but I don’t like Sky TV. I think they take shows that are popular on freeview and make people pay the privilege to watch them. And they bury shows that I would love to watch. Anyway, my sister lent me the boxset of the first season and I’ve watched 10 episodes since Saturday so far and I’m really enjoying it. It’s kind of like a mix of Batman and Revenge lol! And my father-in-waiting John Barrowman is in it too, so that’s always gonna give it an extra point.

Anyway, I shall bore you no more (for today!).


TV Show Of The Day: Arrow plus many others!
Nails Of The Day: OPI Steady as she Rose and OPI Strange Tides

That was 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an incredible Christmas and had a lovely time with your friends and family. I had a great Christmas, and while I know that presents are not the be all and end all of Christmas, this year I was really surprised by the ones I got as I know that I’ll use every one of them. I got some really useful things!

And so it is the end of 2013 and I can say, in all fairness, 2013 hasn’t been a bad year! There has been a few moments this year that I could have done without abut while looking back at my list I made at this time last year, to be honest, it’s not gone too badly at all. While I’m still not in the job I would like I do love my job and got to do some really good things with it this year. I have amazing friends and family and I’m lucky to have them. I got to watch some amazing tv shows and movies this year and listen to some incredible music. My only real down point of this year was my reading! Unless I read 87 books by tonight, I am very much behind my goal for this year! Someone pass me a Mr Men and Little Miss collection stat! I did end up reading Catching Fire and finished it just before the movie came out, so hopefully I will read Mockingjay before the next movie comes out, I’d say I have a good year to do that!

I don’t know what really is ahead in 2014 but I really hope it’s going to be an incredible year. Pathetic I know, but there is so much good tv shows to look forward to, especially Sherlock tomorrow, which I have waited forever for. Hopefully, I might have a job change this year, but if I don’t, it won’t upset me too much. I just want 2014 to be the year!

I hope you all have an incredible 2014!


Music Of The Day: Katy Perry “By The Grace Of God” – a beautiful song!
Nails Of The Day: None.

The Annual Christmas Cold

I don’t think there is ever a December that goes by that I don’t get sick. Last year I had the mother of all colds, which meant I had to have a week off work, which is something I never do. I have the odd day, but never a whole week in a row, I think the most I’ve had off is two days. I am currently in the throws of another Christmas Cold but this one, touch wood, is not as bad and I can still go to work, even though it wasn’t great today working with a cold. But nevertheless, it would not be Christmas without one (though one year, I would like to see December clear and not delirious in cold!).

Christmas is fast coming round and while I thought I was pretty much prepared, I’m in fact not! You may notice the rather lovely pile of parcels in the twitter pic to the left and while I’d like to say they are all Christmas presents, only one is! The bloody problem with Christmas shopping is that you tend to browse and while you browse, you see so much bloody stuff you like, you end up spending more on yourself (at least I do!). I’m not too bad and think I have most of the stuff mentally bought just not physically. In theory, this means they are still in the shop and waiting for me, my name on them. I very much doubt that in reality!

I planned to watch some Christmas movies this weekend, but in fact, I watched 4 movies and non were Christmas related. As I was pretty much sofa bound on Saturday, I watched my cheer me up movie, which is Tangled! I could watch this movie so many times and never get sick of it! I just love the song “I See The Light”, it is one of my all time favourite Disney songs. Then after that, I watched my main man Thor – btw, I think The Dark World is so much better than the first, but if Thor is happening to be listening (he is currently sat opposite me in Lego form anyway), like children, I love them both equally. Then I also watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which gave me everything I could have wanted from a British movie – perfect.

On to last night and as soon as I saw this was on, I knew I just had to watch it. We all have our guilty pleasure movies that while might not have got the best reviews or might not be “Oscar” worthy as it were, you just can’t help but love and watch. And one of my all time favourites that I have watched since I was a kid, is The Brady Bunch Movie. I love that fact that as an adult, while I still remember loads of it, there were some bits that I understand now and realise how rude in fact they are. I love films like that, that children can watch, but adults can totally get an in joke from. I have a copy of it on VHS (that’s a video btw), but I looked it up on DVD and bloody hell is is expensive, because your can’t really get hold of it and I’m not being funny, but who wouldn’t want it on DVD. I am going to go and look in a replay shop tomorrow. And can I just say, I never truly appreciate how much Greg Brady is actually very good looking!!! As a child, I obviously didn’t appreciate that!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Just For Now” – a great alternative kind of xmas song.
Nails Of The Day: None.

Made it out alive!!

I could be really really arse kissing and say how sorry I am for not posting and crawl my way back into your hearts, but the truth is, I’ve been very very busy at work. I think for August though, I am going to try and post either every day or every other day. Here’s hoping.

This morning I had the lovely pleasure of going to the dentist. If you know me by now, you know I hate anything to do with the dentist or my teeth. The worse thing is I had to go for a filling and I had to pay the lovely pleasure of £40 for it too. But luckily, as it was a tiny filling, she gave me a white one instead of a silver one, for the same price of a silver one. So at least it blends in!

Now, I’m not a violent person by any means, but I could willing punch a dentist, because they seem to love inflicting pain, while keeping you waiting and charging you a butt load. I even had to wait nearly ten minutes today and I know that isn’t a lot compared to some dentists but my appointment was at 9:30, so I was basically the first one in! Then I had to listen to the people on the desk bitch and moan about either the other employees or someone they both knew. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard them bitching on the desk (I don’t live at the dentist by the way, I just end up going a lot!), and I could clearly make out what they were saying, maybe I should use this info as a bargaining chip to get money off my bill!

Luckily, I was a very very brave person and I had my filling without an injection, as that’s the bit that hurts the most! I was contemplating going to the mahoosive new sweet shop that opened after, but I came home instead and as I was hungry, I thought what better than a soft slice of dairylea that will give me some extra calcium!

Luckily, I’m not going back till January! Thank God!


TV Show Of The Day: After watching 7 seasons of Grey’s, the library didn’t have 8, do I am currently rewatching Doctor Who, from the 9th Doctor onwards.
Nails Of The Day: I am currently going through a Nail Envy week treatment, so I have nothing on me nails!

Where Have I Been?

Well hello there everyone! I know it’s been a day and an age since I last posted, but I do promise, I am not lying when I say that I have been very very busy!!!!

For part of my time away, I was actually in London. I only went for two days, but it only took me two minutes to realise that it is somewhere that I would never ever want to live. Don’t get me wrong, the actually City itself is lovely and I live in a city already, so I think I am probably a city person, but I just cannot stand the rudeness of tube goers. I get that we are all trying to get to the same place, at the same time and that there are many of us doing this all at once, but I am literally and physically covered in bruises for the amount of times I was push or banged into! I’m just not cut out for the tub lifetstyle, it will never be for me. I’m not for the tube etiquette, the tube heat or just the bloody tube in general. Give me a good old fashion bus anyday! I’m basically just not cut out to be a Londoner ( a full time one anyway), so to anyone who is, I raise my hat to you! You wouldn’t want me anyway, I’m too nice!

But while I was in London, I took a lovely River Boat Cruise, which made me realise, I like being on the water. Now, don’t expect me to be telling you anytime soon that I have given up my current abode for a canal barge ala Rosie and Jim. But I would love to travel to work by boat everyday, it’s rather nice (expect for the tipping but we didn’t have any of that).

I also, and rather excitingly, went to see The Lion King and it was amazing (say it in the style of Craig off of Strictly to get the full effect). I’ve never been to see a West End show before and it was so good. I mean, full props to all the people backstage, cause that thing ran as smooth as a babies bum (vulgar I know, I apologies!). I obviously couldn’t see the people backstage, but I couldn’t imagine how many people were there or running the show. But everything, from the sets, too the actors, too the musicians, they were all fantastic. I loved how they didn’t just stick to the stage either and how they came down the aisles, especially the massive *spoiler alert* elephant at the beginning (it’s really not a spoiler because if you haven’t seen the Lion King by now in your life, then you must live under a rock FACT!).

I have been a bit of a theatre lovey lately, because I also went to see in my hometown (I say town, I live in a city, that only really just qualifies as a city!) an armature dramatic products of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. I just love the film of Beauty and the Beast, especially the songs and the candlestick Lumiere (I think that’s how you spell it) and it was amazing too. Just as good as anything you’d see in the West End and really well put together and performed. It ran smoothly too, even when my friend Helen nearly took out Belle at the beginning when she was walking down the aisle. To be fair to Helen, we weren’t expecting anyone to walk down the aisle, so it did come as a bit of a surprise, but luckily Helen got herself sorted just in time to let Belle past. It could have been a lot worse!

I’ve also been enjoying the Tennis, although I’ve realised that I do not know half of the tennis players that are currently playing. Non of my old favourites or the ones that I know seem to be playing in it anymore and theres no Andy Roddick ūüė¶ I shall have to watch Wimbledon carefully and latch myself on to some new players to follow. But I’ll be cheering on Murray, I’m currently watching his first match!

That’s all for now, but I promise, cross my heart and metaphorically hope to die.


Thought Of The Day: Not a whole lot really!
Nails Of The Day: A duo of OPI “Did it On Em” and Sally Hansen “Loves Me Not”, with some Wimbledon themed nail art.

Who’s That Girl?

Indeed, who am I, for it seems I have not posted in a good long while. But I do have a really good reason (aka excuse!). The last couple of weeks at work have been mega crazy and I’ve literally been bring work home to do, so I’ve just had no time what so ever. But now I’m on a down, so I have a bit more time, which is fab.

So, it’s safe to say, I haven’t really been doing anything that interesting. But tonight, well, ladies and gentlemen (of Europe), tonight is the night, because it’s EUROVISION!!!!!! (stops for breath!)

If you don’t know what Eurovision is (those outside of Europe are excuse), than basically, you’ve been living under a rock. While most would define it as a singing contest, to me, a born and bred Britoinion, Eurovision is just another way of showing that while some people in Britain can sing, to the rest of Europe, we are a country that you don’t vote for, cause it’s all about the Politics. We could have the Queen on stage singing God Save The Queen, and basically, we still wouldn’t win. Most people are like me, and watch it for the sheer crazy enjoyment that it is.

You basically fall in to a few categories. Category 1, the countries that actually really make an effort with their song, produces something really good and end up with nil pwah (bit of phonetics there for you). Category 2, you basically rehash a past year song and end up doing marginally better. And then there is 3, the crazy ass countries, that produces a song so¬†completely¬†and utterly bonkers, it wins. and what’s more, they are the countries that actually take it the most seriously. Bizarre but true.

So, sorry to my fellow Britain’s, but I can¬†safely¬†say right now – we ain’t got a cat in hells chance of winning. But I’ll be there watching it. I do hope there are some good songs this year, because I still love the song that won last year, Euphoria by Loreen. I have it on my ipod and listen to it only just yesterday.

Tonight is also the finale of Doctor Who, where we¬†supposedly¬†learn the Doctor’s name. I can half imagine right now that it ain’t going to be fascinating and this is no offence whatsoever to the writers of Doctor Who, that’s just kind of how these moments go. It would be cool if it was something like Bob, Barry really proper solid names, but I don’t think it will be. In a way, I really hope we don’t learn and that this is all just hype. But, as I am going out for dinner tonight, I won’t be seeing the episode till tomorrow, because I’ll also be watching Eurovision on delay, so it’s gonna take some sheer will power to stop me from clicking on digital spy and finding out when I get home. I can tell you right now, I’ll probably know the minute it happens, I’m that pathetically sad!

I’ve also been keeping up to date with the latest shows being picked up in the States, and I am very happy with some of the choices, although I can’t really see a stand out comedy show yet, I don’t think we’ve had a good one in years, not since the likes of The Big Bang Theory, which I’m delighted to let you know, I watched some the first episode and was applauding it for years, before anyone began watching it. No jumping on no band wagon for me. the CW have some really interesting shows this year, but’s it’s Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D which I am most looking forward too. But I’m already¬†putting¬†myself in for a pit fall, because I would say Sky will snap it up and I don’t buy in to the whole Sky¬†Conglomerate¬†thing. They literally just wait for show to get good on freeview and then buy them up, they wouldn’t know how to pick a good show if it bit them. But a lot of ABC shows go to Channel Five too, so maybe, if I pray enough to the God’s of TV, they’ll repay me. If in doubt, DVD.

To update you on two other matters discussed on this blog, if you now look at my list of shows I’ve recorded to watch, there are NO EPISODES OF REVENGE! I have¬†completely¬†caught up over the past weeks. It’s so much better watching a load at one go, because you stay in the story, and I think that’s why I got bored. Also, I was a very very naughty girl and I watched that DVD I was giving someone as a present Shhhh!!!! She didn’t suspect a thing but I came up with the perfect cover if she asked why the plastic wrapping was missing, because this has happened to me before – the DVD was rattling around inside and I wanted to put it back in properly, so it wouldn’t get scratch – bazinga! There’s a great excuse for any of you thinking of doing the same thing!


Thought Of The Day: Are 99’ers called 99’ers, cause they use to be 99p (aka they are an ice cream).
Nails of the Day: Non, but someone kindly gifted me with 5 brand new OPI varnishes (It was me ssshhh!)

The do’s and don’t of present – so tempting

Thankfully, the person with whom this present is for, has no idea I write this blog, so thankfully will never hear of this.

So, I am currently in a conumdrum. It is someone I know’s birthday soon and so I decided to get them a DVD I know they wanted for their birthday. I DVD also happens to be of a film that I really wanted to see, so here is my thought:

“Should I watch it and never tell them?”

To be fair, they probably wouldn’t even notice and really, it’s not like getting them a beauty product and using it. It’s not going to come to any harm.

So, let me know, would you watch it?


Tv Show of the Day: The Big Bang Theory!
Nails of the Day: Non!

Worry Wart

Do you worry? I have this big massive problem that I worry about everything. I worry about things that I can’t control, I worry about things that I do, even though they¬†aren’t¬†anything to worry about and I just worry in general, which isn’t helped by the fact that I am very very laid back and tend not to stress about things. They kind of contradict each other, but the worry is in my head half the time, and it stays there.

I worry about stupid things. Like if I say something to someone, and then for ages after, I wonder if I should have, even though it’s nothing to worry about. I worried for ages about my little car incident the other day. And this is the worst part, I worry about things that have¬†absolutely¬†nothing to do with me. Say if someone else is having a hard time with something, I’ll bloody worry about that for them. Even though I’m not involved! I think worry is not the right sort of word to use, it’s more¬†fixating¬†on it and not stopping to think about it.

It’s not that big of an issue and most of the time, it’s only when I have nothing else to do this happens, but it’s just strange, because I NEVER use to worry about anything at all, maybe it’s old age (lol!). Once I get to work tomorrow, I’ll probably think nothing of it at all. I just find it that little bit strange and annoying.

Anyway, yesterday I had a really good afternoon of catching up on stuff. And please, do not get me started on the insane back-up of Revenge episodes that I have to watch (I think as of this Monday, it will be 9). I just can’t seem to get into it. I think I just need a day to watch them in, maybe May Day. I caught up first with my US comedy, watching 2 Broke Girls and The New Normal. I really like them both, but if they did get cancelled, I wouldn’t worry (haha!) either. I know from Spoiler TV that things arn’t looking good for The New Normal, and I am struggling to see how it will continue after this season, but it’s still good. Then I caught up on my UK drama, watching The Village (good, if a little depressing at times!) and The Ice Cream Girls. I know the last one is based on a book so I might have to read it.

Which leads me very nicely in to what is being dubbed “Coincidence¬†of the Day”. I¬†absolutely¬†fricking love coincidences! Am I the only one that finds them fascinating! It’s just like the worlds ways of telling us there’s more to it, you know. I had a bit of time, so I thought I’d watch a film and saved on the box, I had The Disappearance of Alice Creed. I was in to minds to watch it because it’s an 18, which ¬†tend to stay away from, because being a child in my head, I am literally scared of my own shadow. But also, I kind of thought it might be a bit icky in the, well, let’s just say icky in the 18 sense of the way. But, actually, I really enjoyed it, because there was a great story to it. I think personally, I could get away with being a 15, because there isn’t any sort of high bloody violence in it, I think it’s an 18 more for the swearing and the nudity (which is brief). And to be far to most 15 year¬†olds¬† they probably swear more than what the people in the film do, but anyway, I am digressing (verbal¬†diarrhea). Anywhoo, there are some really great twists in the story (sorry *spoiler alert*) that I didn’t expect at all and that’s what kept the story interest. And here is where the coincidence comes into play. One of the guys in the movie was in The Ice Cream Girls. And I could have literally watched any film (I have about 8 pages worth of movies to get through – you get it, I like movies!) and I choose that one. It was fate – well, maybe just a tad. But it made me happy.

Quite a lot of randomness in this blog, so I think we shall end it there.


TV Show Of The Day: Should be Nashville, but due to my inability to remember to set it to record, I have a rather lovely date with a man named 4OD this afternoon!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None but I have a lovely set of Primark Neon’s that need an outing!

*A new bit here, check back Tuesday, because I am going to blog about the final of Broadchurch, which was highly discussed in my staff room the other day. I do have a theory, but I won’t let you know till afterwards (I will not cheat, I swear) but I still think the Vicar is a bit shifty! PS anyone else find it hilarious that the Vicar and David Tennent where both in Doctor Who at different times? (silence) no, just me then!

Sometimes Drivers are just as bad!

I’m gonna make this quick because something really annoyed me today.

I was walking home from work and there is the bit that I come to to cross, which is the entrance to a car park. I saw a car coming, but I knew I had plenty of time to cross because it’s literally about a 5 second walk. I was just stepping on to the pavement at the other side, when the stupid woman driving the car, beeped her horn at me. I was just really annoyed because I was no where near her car or no where near enough to actually get hit by her, I was basically back on the pavement and she beeped her horn. I mean, a bit of an over reaction on her part if you ask me. And I get that some idiots do walk across in front of cars even when they see them coming, but I had plenty enough time to get across. And the look on her face was all like, you idiot and all I could think of was I’M ON THE BLOODY PAVEMENT AND I’M NO WHERE NEAR YOUR CAR!! Believe me, I’m not stupid enough to cross a road if I don’t think I can make it. I’ve had people reach the crossing after me and cross the road before, I’m that careful. And I know I have my iPod in, but I can hear everything that is going on around me, and as the green cross code goes, I LOOK BOTH WAYS.

Don’t you hate it when random people irate you and you don’t even know them! At least I can write about them on this blog and they’ll never bloody know! Scratch that, if you are this person and your reading this, well, who cares, you’ll never see me again. Actually, it’s so small were basically a city named town!! In that case, I’m going ghost protocol ala Mission Impossible (I haven’t seen it and really do not have any idea what that phrase me) I’m basically going rogue, tarrah!


PS. Even in my I’m not here but really am here state – Anyone catch the new shots of the two Doctor’s filming, we should called that geek protocol!

TV Show Of The Day: Grey’s Anatomy (and new Big Bang Theory tonight!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Mermaid’s tale by Jesse’s Girl.

Long Time

Yet again, I have failed miserably when it comes to updating this blog. And honestly, I don’t even have the best excuse. I’ve been off on holiday and been doing bugger all, so really, I am fully to blame. We, me and Grey’s Anatomy! I think it is a great deal that I have managed two and a half seasons in 2 weeks.

I had a really strange dream last night! And I kind of want to tell this person about the dream and at the same time, I don’t because technically, I do not know them. It is somebody who does beauty blogs on you tube and I have tweeted and got replies from them before, but still.

It’s not even that weird, well it is a bit. I was watching one of their videos, and it was a special video where they did a pretend episode of Eastenders, but like, on the actual set. I can’t even tell you why I dreamt this, because Eastenders isn’t even on on a Saturday but you just think after, where the hell was my mind going to. It often makes you wonder because it’s so strange. Like as well, when you dream about people you use to go to school with or really random celebrities. I always have really random dreams about really random celebrities, like ones I haven’t even talked or seen about that day, usually random ones from when I was younger.

I promise I shall start making this blog more interesting (wishful thinking!)


Thought Of The Day: Primark!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None!