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Truly Knackered

This week was my first week back at work and I gotta say, by Friday, I was bloody pooped. I don’t work 9-5, but what I do do, I actually work really hard at but normally, I’m great. But this week, it just so took it out of me, I couldn’t believe it. I went to bed last night and I just hit the pillow straight away! Maybe it was first week back feeling and maybe, I think, it was more hitting my head against a brick wall feeling (not literally I might add!).

Anyway, I am going to be enjoying my weekend off by doing everything I love to do, which mostly involves watching lots of telly lol! Revenge was back on Monday and if you remember how last year I ended up so behind, this year, it’s not a problem, because I’m actually watching it live, rather than recorded. I really enjoyed Monday’s opening episode, even if at some points I felt like I was missing out on something. I don’t know if everyone felt like that, it just seemed at times they were talking about stuff as if I should know it but I didn’t, unless it’s just my memory failing me, I don’t know. Then on Wednesday I watched the new series “The Tomorrow People”, which I enjoyed so much more than I thought I would. I don’t for obvious birth date reasons remember the 70’s series of the same name and don’t for some reason remember the 90’s revival of it either. Some people are saying that it’s in the possibility to be cancelled area, which I hope not, because if the rest of the episodes are just as good as the pilot, then I think it’s going to make a great series.

And this weekend it will be the last episode of Sherlock! I can’t believe it goes that quickly. I know a lot of people didn’t really enjoy episode two and I must admit I do miss the long case investigation type edge to it, but watching Sherlock get drunk – priceless! I also managed to finally watch The Brady Bunch Movie Sequel too, which I don’t even remember going anything like it did and I swear there were scenes in it that didn’t happen in the film I watched recorded from TV – unless they cut them for time reasons or something I don’t know. I could be thinking of an entirely different film!


Musing Of The Day: Is dusting not the most boring thing in the world. Whoever invented dust is an idiot!
Nails Of The Day: None ūüė¶

The Annual Christmas Cold

I don’t think there is ever a December that goes by that I don’t get sick. Last year I had the mother of all colds, which meant I had to have a week off work, which is something I never do. I have the odd day, but never a whole week in a row, I think the most I’ve had off is two days. I am currently in the throws of another Christmas Cold but this one, touch wood, is not as bad and I can still go to work, even though it wasn’t great today working with a cold. But nevertheless, it would not be Christmas without one (though one year, I would like to see December clear and not delirious in cold!).

Christmas is fast coming round and while I thought I was pretty much prepared, I’m in fact not! You may notice the rather lovely pile of parcels in the twitter pic to the left and while I’d like to say they are all Christmas presents, only one is! The bloody problem with Christmas shopping is that you tend to browse and while you browse, you see so much bloody stuff you like, you end up spending more on yourself (at least I do!). I’m not too bad and think I have most of the stuff mentally bought just not physically. In theory, this means they are still in the shop and waiting for me, my name on them. I very much doubt that in reality!

I planned to watch some Christmas movies this weekend, but in fact, I watched 4 movies and non were Christmas related. As I was pretty much sofa bound on Saturday, I watched my cheer me up movie, which is Tangled! I could watch this movie so many times and never get sick of it! I just love the song “I See The Light”, it is one of my all time favourite Disney songs. Then after that, I watched my main man Thor – btw, I think The Dark World is so much better than the first, but if Thor is happening to be listening (he is currently sat opposite me in Lego form anyway), like children, I love them both equally. Then I also watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which gave me everything I could have wanted from a British movie – perfect.

On to last night and as soon as I saw this was on, I knew I just had to watch it. We all have our guilty pleasure movies that while might not have got the best reviews or might not be “Oscar” worthy as it were, you just can’t help but love and watch. And one of my all time favourites that I have watched since I was a kid, is The Brady Bunch Movie. I love that fact that as an adult, while I still remember loads of it, there were some bits that I understand now and realise how rude in fact they are. I love films like that, that children can watch, but adults can totally get an in joke from. I have a copy of it on VHS (that’s a video btw), but I looked it up on DVD and bloody hell is is expensive, because your can’t really get hold of it and I’m not being funny, but who wouldn’t want it on DVD. I am going to go and look in a replay shop tomorrow. And can I just say, I never truly appreciate how much Greg Brady is actually very good looking!!! As a child, I obviously didn’t appreciate that!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Just For Now” – a great alternative kind of xmas song.
Nails Of The Day: None.

Who’s That Girl?

Indeed, who am I, for it seems I have not posted in a good long while. But I do have a really good reason (aka excuse!). The last couple of weeks at work have been mega crazy and I’ve literally been bring work home to do, so I’ve just had no time what so ever. But now I’m on a down, so I have a bit more time, which is fab.

So, it’s safe to say, I haven’t really been doing anything that interesting. But tonight, well, ladies and gentlemen (of Europe), tonight is the night, because it’s EUROVISION!!!!!! (stops for breath!)

If you don’t know what Eurovision is (those outside of Europe are excuse), than basically, you’ve been living under a rock. While most would define it as a singing contest, to me, a born and bred Britoinion, Eurovision is just another way of showing that while some people in Britain can sing, to the rest of Europe, we are a country that you don’t vote for, cause it’s all about the Politics. We could have the Queen on stage singing God Save The Queen, and basically, we still wouldn’t win. Most people are like me, and watch it for the sheer crazy enjoyment that it is.

You basically fall in to a few categories. Category 1, the countries that actually really make an effort with their song, produces something really good and end up with nil pwah (bit of phonetics there for you). Category 2, you basically rehash a past year song and end up doing marginally better. And then there is 3, the crazy ass countries, that produces a song so¬†completely¬†and utterly bonkers, it wins. and what’s more, they are the countries that actually take it the most seriously. Bizarre but true.

So, sorry to my fellow Britain’s, but I can¬†safely¬†say right now – we ain’t got a cat in hells chance of winning. But I’ll be there watching it. I do hope there are some good songs this year, because I still love the song that won last year, Euphoria by Loreen. I have it on my ipod and listen to it only just yesterday.

Tonight is also the finale of Doctor Who, where we¬†supposedly¬†learn the Doctor’s name. I can half imagine right now that it ain’t going to be fascinating and this is no offence whatsoever to the writers of Doctor Who, that’s just kind of how these moments go. It would be cool if it was something like Bob, Barry really proper solid names, but I don’t think it will be. In a way, I really hope we don’t learn and that this is all just hype. But, as I am going out for dinner tonight, I won’t be seeing the episode till tomorrow, because I’ll also be watching Eurovision on delay, so it’s gonna take some sheer will power to stop me from clicking on digital spy and finding out when I get home. I can tell you right now, I’ll probably know the minute it happens, I’m that pathetically sad!

I’ve also been keeping up to date with the latest shows being picked up in the States, and I am very happy with some of the choices, although I can’t really see a stand out comedy show yet, I don’t think we’ve had a good one in years, not since the likes of The Big Bang Theory, which I’m delighted to let you know, I watched some the first episode and was applauding it for years, before anyone began watching it. No jumping on no band wagon for me. the CW have some really interesting shows this year, but’s it’s Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D which I am most looking forward too. But I’m already¬†putting¬†myself in for a pit fall, because I would say Sky will snap it up and I don’t buy in to the whole Sky¬†Conglomerate¬†thing. They literally just wait for show to get good on freeview and then buy them up, they wouldn’t know how to pick a good show if it bit them. But a lot of ABC shows go to Channel Five too, so maybe, if I pray enough to the God’s of TV, they’ll repay me. If in doubt, DVD.

To update you on two other matters discussed on this blog, if you now look at my list of shows I’ve recorded to watch, there are NO EPISODES OF REVENGE! I have¬†completely¬†caught up over the past weeks. It’s so much better watching a load at one go, because you stay in the story, and I think that’s why I got bored. Also, I was a very very naughty girl and I watched that DVD I was giving someone as a present Shhhh!!!! She didn’t suspect a thing but I came up with the perfect cover if she asked why the plastic wrapping was missing, because this has happened to me before – the DVD was rattling around inside and I wanted to put it back in properly, so it wouldn’t get scratch – bazinga! There’s a great excuse for any of you thinking of doing the same thing!


Thought Of The Day: Are 99’ers called 99’ers, cause they use to be 99p (aka they are an ice cream).
Nails of the Day: Non, but someone kindly gifted me with 5 brand new OPI varnishes (It was me ssshhh!)

Boy did that go fast!

It doesn’t seem two seconds ago that I was finishing work for Christmas and here I am typing on the day before I am going back to work! That frankly is insane! It’s not to say that I don’t love my job, because I really really love my job, but on the flip side I also really really enjoy time off lol! I think I have done more this holiday than I usually do, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t come with it downfalls.

I have watched a lot of movies this Christmas, but on the downside I spent far too much money on films this Christmas! And another downside to this is the face that as you have seen from previous post, there ain’t that much room left on me shelves and I did have to create a floating shelf (aka stacking dvd’s on top of dvd’s!) and now I think it might just be that I have far too many dvd’s and it’s a bloody nightmare. I know it may sound like I have really trivial things to worry about and that I probably sound far to insane to be let out, but this is a concern to me!

I also did quite a bit of rearranging in my bedroom which was good but the downside to that was my bed is very near my wardrobe and I had to twist my back to kind of get under my bed and now my back hurts! And they say cleaning is a good thing, they don’t show the obvious health hazards that go with it! Still, my bed is nice and tidy and I have created a lot more room on my shelves, so I guess in there is a positive. It’s hidden pretty deep under the twinge in my spine area though!

I have also been loving the Old Skool Weekend on CITV this weekend. It’s so cool seeing all the kids show I use to love watching and the fact is, it gives an adult a really good excuse to actually be watching childrens tv. It was funny looking at the trends and people tweeting yesterday and I’d say a lot of adults have been tuning into CITV this weekend. I especially enjoyed Fun House, which if they ever did bring back, would not think twice about saying I’m 12 and going on the show. I think it was probably most kids dreams to go on Fun House and now I will admit something quite sad, well, two things that are quite sad (please let me know if you did this too!). 1 – I probably once recreated the last part of Fun House in a kids play area place! and 2 – I once pretended to play the go kart round on my bike! I enjoyed watching Fraggle Rock too, because I don’t recall seeing the live action version as a child and I only have the cartoon version on VHS (that means a video for all you young un’s!).

So, what is there to look forward to this week? Tomorrow I can guess might be a tad on the boring side, but nice grub! Plus Revenge is back tomorrow night! The rest of the week should be fun and that’s about it!


Fun Fact Of The Day: I truly think LA7 is just as good as when I watched it as a kid (check my twitter for more on that!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nicole By OPI Shoot For The Maroon, which will sadly be replaced this after as it’s chipped! I need a better top coat!

Day 5 in the Cold House

Gone a bit Big Brother with the title!

As it suggest, I am day 5 into my cold! It is ridiculous! It’s not even a “I can survive work cold”, I literally feel like crap and only just managed to go outside yesterday. I do feel better than I did earlier in the work, but it hasn’t shown any signs of shifting. I’m probably gonna jinx myself in saying this, but I’m kinda glad that if I am gonna have a cold this Christmas, that I get it now rather than on Christmas day.

So, what have I been up to in my sick bed. Well, I have now managed to watch the complete first season of Made In Chelsea on 4OD. I don’t particularly like the 4OD player, cause I find it quite slow and annoying, but the one on youtube is even worse, because it usually freezes at some point in the episode, I have to refresh it, then I have to watch adverts with the sound of the show in the background. So I might just start watching it on the 4OD player instead. I have also been watching a lot of New Girl, as I got a surprise in the post on Tuesday, when the Season 1 boxset arrived. I didn’t win it, if that’s what your thinking, its a “I order way to much online and completely forgot I pre-ordered it in October” situation! It really annoys me that non of the things that I pre-order actually ever arrive on the day they are released. I’m pretty sure the one that came for my Sister is The Dark Night Rises for me for Christmas and that didn’t come till Tuesday either. I don’t think it’s the companies we order from, cause I use lots of different ones, it’s just our fricking post.

I had to make a really annoying phone call this week. And I had to do it during the worst part of my cold, so let’s just say the people on the other end didn’t get the nicest of tone from me. I am just completely at a dead end with trying to get this situation sorted. It’s not anything serious but it’s basically I think I’m paying too much tax, but it’s not the tax office fault, they have actually been quite helpful with me and confirming a lot of what I thought. I would be more worried if I wasn’t paying enough, but seeing how much I paid for the same job a few years back, I think I am paying to much. I just hope I can get it sorted soon.

So, there you go, my week in review, riveting isn’t it!


Desert Of The Day: Ben and Jerry’s in Core Karamel Sutra. Literally heaven in an ice cream tub shaped form!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Two W7 ones, although my nails are like stumps, I hope they grow before the Christmas do! I have W7 Mosaic and Salt ‘n’ Pepper. Good thing about having a cold is that I can’t smell the fumes from nail varnish!

Half Term!!!

It is half term, thank God! lol! Mine didn’t start the best yesterday, but I won’t go into that. However, today hasn’t been too bad.

Let just say, on Saturday I went a little tiny bit crazy at the new DVD store in town that sell replay’s. In my defense, I can perfectly justify the buying of those 12 DVD’s because, a) it only cost me ¬£20! and b) some of them were to replace all the films my nice but dim sister deleted off my box. If she hadn’t turned up however, I might have spent a wee bit more! So today, I enjoyed two movies, a new one and an old favourite. First I watched New York I Love You, which I though was good, but not as mainstream as such similar films like Valentine’s Day and New Years Ever. Then I watched Josie and The Pussycat, which is such a ridiculously fantastic film, it never fails to make me smile. I do have it on good old VHS somewhere, but as the video player downstairs has developed an eating habit, I am replacing some VHS’s with DVD’s.

So what am I do with the rest of my week? I am finally getting organised Christmas wise. I ordered a few presents today, but I need to make a good organisation chart lol. Ok, I’m not that anal but I do need to make a list. Tomorrow I am off to my friends house for tea and a movie night, so some more of those DVD’s are gonna get a use lol! The rest of the week, I don’t know, but I’ll find something to do.


Thought Of The Day: I can totally justify that spenditure on DVD’s!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: OPI Skyfall You Only Live Twice.

My First Official (Unofficial) Day Back At Work

So, today was my official (unofficial) first day back at work, as it was a training day, so I don’t know if that fully counts. I tell you what though, it came all too soon. It doesn’t seem long since I was typing out my post of all the fab things I was going to get up to on my holiday. So in summary, here is what I achieved over the holidays – aka bugger all!

  • Email Cleansing: I did clear a big bulk from one of my accounts, but my other remains as crazy and messed up as ever, thank god for the search function.
  • Finding a new hobby: Deny! I didn’t achieve any new hobbies or skills to add to my collection.
  • Buying trousers: This is did achieve! God bless the mecca Next for offering not only long sizes but tall sizes too! You literally saved me from having to convert to skirts!
  • Watching all the movies back up on my box: Epic Epic fail! If anything, I made the problem worse by not only recording more films, but purchasing several films on dvd, getting two boxsets and discovering E4 afternoons between 1 and 5.
  • Completing a Story: half achieved, I continued writing it but I have yet to complete it. And with everything on my list, I just seem to have come up with more ideas for other stories.

The only thing I succeeded in doing this Summer, is have a fab birthday! I’ll just take that and run with it!

Just for clarification purposes, I don’t work anywhere with diggers and nor will I ever. I don’t think I would mentally be allowed!

No other real news to report. My Big Bang Theory Season 5 boxset got stuck in the system know as Royal Mail, so I got it two days after it was released, even though I pre-ordered it and my Gossip Girl Season 5 one arrived on time. I also got a good pre-order on The Avengers (sod the assemble part!), so I will actually have a copy and I tell you, even though I have seen it, I am giddy with excitement about seeing it again. And I will try to restrain myself from staring at Thor’s hair. Although I watched Thor again recently and I think it’s his hair in The Avengers that I love, not in Thor, it’s not as glossy (God, stop this train of thought, digging a huge massive hole!). END

Outtake Of The Day: The Big Bang Thoery has really funny outtakes, but not as funny as the show, obviously!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: W7 Salt n Pepper, love it.

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The Woes of HR!

I have attempted today to resubmit my work self payment claims, because our online HR system is so mind numbingly stupid. I have been trying to get this done since January and everytime I do it, something seems to go wrong! I am hoping this is the final time that I have to do this, as it is a nice sum of extra work money and I do have a purpose for it.

Managed to watch a good bit of the tennis today! I am so pleased that Andy Murray got through to the final! I can actually enjoy it this year. I don’t think I actually watched it last year, but I am not going to miss a Murray Vs Federer final. While I will be behind our Brit 100%, I will also be supporting Federer because I think it would be nice if he won another one. But then again, he’s won so many, it would be good for him to let someone else win for a change!

Song Of The Day: Demi Lovato – “Your My Only Shorty” (I hate the title of the song, but by God is it catchy lol!).
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Same as yesterday!