26 Things About Me

So, today is my 26th birthday and I realised that I have now been blogging for over a year, which is so cool. So I thought I would share with you 26 things you might not know about me, might being the important word, because some of them, you kinda will lol:

1- I absolutely am in love with Jaffa Cakes – YUM!
2- I own far too many DVD’s and sometimes buy at least one a week!
3- I don’t drink Alcohol.
4- I have yet to learn how to drive.
5- I would one day love to write a book.
6- I will listen to and love anything that Taylor Swift will sing and write!
7- I could live off Sausages, Mash Potato and Apples for the rest of my life.
8- I have never been further than Ireland on holiday.
9- I have never dyed my hair – I’m all natural.
10- The job I have is the one I wanted ever since I was younger.
11- I bake the best Millionaires Shortbread.
12- I type faster than I can think and write.
13- I have never seen nor will ever watch Twilight or anything with Vampires in!
14- I don’t drink either Tea or Coffee, so really, I should be thrown out of the UK!
15- I hope to one day visit Australia!
16- My favourite colour ever is Purple!
17- The first show I ever had a fan craze over was Friends.
18- I have far too many celebrities crushes and am constantly picking up new ones!
19- I have only ever lived in one house and in the same place since I was born.
20- I constantly teach myself to do things, like knitting for instance.
21- I would love to learn to speak Spanish (I can say where is the, which does help!).
22- I am half Irish.
23- I watch a fair amounts and rarely miss an episode of either Neighbours or Eastenders.
24- I enjoy buying and wrapping presents more than I do getting them and each Christmas I pick a new wrapping paper combo.
25- I can sort of play guitar but as I said in 20, I like teaching myself things, so I’m not having lessons.
26- I wear glasses all the time because I am blind as a bat, but I don’t read with my glasses on.

I hope you feel you have learnt 26 things about me and feel that you know me just that little bit more!


Birthday Of The Day: MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved.


You don’t need to drink

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before and now I’m about to say it, that’s one thing you can say you know about me that I thought you didn’t (RE: tomorrows post!). I don’t drink alcohol. I can’t say I never had, because I’ve tasted it, but as for a full glass of wine, or a pint of beer, nope! I’ve probably not had alcohol (unless it’s in a food!) since I was about 17. I can’t say that I will not drink for my whole life, but at the moment, I just don’t want too. I’ve never been one for going to nightclubs or out round town, I’d much rather go to the movies!

Last night, in a rare night out, I went out for dinner for my birthday (tomorrow!!!) with my friend – and I had such a good night. We went for Tapas, which having never had before and being a bloody fussy eater, I was a bit worried about. I don’t know Tapas etiquette, so I text my sister before to ask how many dishes I might need to order and what not. But in the end we got 5 main dishes and some breads. We got Chicken in Garlic which was delicious, some fish bites and sweet chilli sauce, some potatoes croquettes, some potatoes in paprika which were far to hot for me and some prawn and chirrizo kebabs. I’ve never had a prawn till last night and while I liked the taste (they taste like prawn crackers) I can’t stand the texture, there too much like bean sprouts, another thing I won’t eat! But it was all so lovely and I learnt the spanish for Garlic which I can’t now remember!

Then for dessert, I stuck with what I knew and got Chocolate Fudge Cake. Well, you should have seen this thing, it was 4 layers and even me, the queen of cake, could not eat it all, it’s sad to say it defeated me.

But I had such a fun night on the Diet Coke and it goes to show, not preaching, you don’t need alcohol to appreciate a great night out with a friend (I say night out, I was back indoors just after 9!).


Itch Of The Day: Bites, I have now a grand total of five, including 3 on one foot. Never realised just how tasty I am!
Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved.

Birthday Results!

Apologies for my last post, I was actually being a bit crazed! It’s working fine now!

Anyway, today is the day when people get their A-Level results. I maybe close to 26 but I can still remember the exact day that I got my A-Level results and exactly what happened, because I was the unfortunate sod who got their A-Level results on their 18th Birthday!!!

Now, I can’t complain about my birthday, as I am always off for it, as it always falls in the 6 weeks holidays, but there has got to be better things than to get your A-Level results on your birthday! I didn’t even do that well, but as long as I got into Uni (which I did) it didn’t matter! But I can still remember exactly where I was sat, exactly what I did and just feeling dread, because I truly hate exams. I am not thick by any means, I think I’m quite clever actually, not creepy clever, but a natural level of cleverness. But I just can’t do exams, I don’t know what it is, but I think I just can’t get across the points I am trying to make. I mean Maths exams, I can do them! But other ones, nope. I’ve never believed in exams either, because you can learn everything for an exam and not have a clue what any of it means, it doesn’t show a true person in any way, but that’s the educationist in me talking! And as my sister pretty much aced everything she did, there was always a comparison, because there is only one school year between us.

So to anyone getting there A-Level results today, do not panic, because I didn’t do the best and I turned out half decent with a good job! And to any who are getting them on their birthday, ignore whatever happens today and enjoy your birthday. Deal with everything else later, there is always an option!


Treat Of The Day: Guess who bought more NERDS!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as before!

My New Phone is Crap!

And that is being nice, I could have said another word entirely on this post, but I’m too much of a lady (yeah right!) to use it!

I got an iPhone 4s the other day and was really looking forward to using it. Well, using it would be great, because it is being the worst phone I have ever had, even worse than the Motorola that I took back, because even if that had a rubbish battery, at least you could do stuff with it!

Unless I have my wi-fi on, which let’s face it, if I’m in the middle of town, I am no where near my house, I won’t be. And really I shouldn’t have to use my wi-fi, but it’s the only way this phone will connect to the internet. And the network keeps dropping out like there is no tomorrow. And this is all in the space of 24 hours. Ridiculous right! Here is what has happened within ten minutes alone (and yes I wrote it down):

18:02 – No Internet but 3 signal
18:12 – Internet with 1 to no bar signal
18:13 – No Service
18:13 – 3 Signal only

And that’s how it is still now, no internet what so ever (and I have to pay for the privilege of no internet!) and this is where I am stuck. Because I was reading my terms and it’s like you can only return a phone if it’s sealed and not used. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU KNOW IF IT WORKS IF YOU DON’T BLOODY USE IT. And what I also don’t get is if this is a very very common problem with iPhones, why the hell should they be allowed to sell them! I’ve had about 5 minutes of actual 3G internet usage in 24 hours.

So I am heading back to the three store tomorrow, with a hell of a scorn (let’s hope the poor boy – I say boy because he looked like a toddler – who served me is not in, I might scare him) and I’m taking my iphone hating friend with me. I am hoping that they can either sort it out or that I can switch to a Samsung. I have had samsung after samsung and they have never ever failed me.

Angry is not to say the least!

I only just remember that I didn’t blog yesterday, but literally forgot with all the bloody nuisance that’s been going on with this bloody phone!


Hate Of The Day: iPhones!
Nails Of The Day: NYC Raindrops with an Esscence Glitter Top Coat.

The Unwritten Laws of Ebay Bidding

I am sorry for not posting yesterday but I was all posted out by then.

I am still on the hunt for the next set of dvds after season 4 of Doctor Who, which is the specials. I went to town yesterday to look in my usual haunts, but sadly, I could not find them (or Grey’s Season 8). I was until this morning, the highest bidder on ebay on them, at a very good price, but as I am currently limitedly (that’s not even a word) funded on paypal, I have a budget. And I was all happy until some fecker (mind the language!) came in and outbid.

I think there really needs to be some unwritten law on ebay that if you really really want it, then everyone else should just politely step out of the bloody way and let you win it. My worst are those who have shown no attention on the item until the last 30 seconds and then bloody swoop in like vultures and steal it. I remember a few years back I was the highest bidder till the last few minutes on an Apple Mac Book and someone swooped in and ended up out bidding me at the last minute by 50 bloody pence (too many bloodys, I do apologies!).

I’m gonna wait a little bit more, but if I haven’t got it by next Sunday, I think I’ll either just get it off of Amazon or I might cave and sign up to Netflix! To be far it’s cheaper than ebay actually, the price on there for some of them are extortionate!

In other news, in a few days I shall be bidding farewell to my friend of 2 years, my Samsung Galaxy Mini. We’ve had some great times together, but it’s just time for me to move on. I thought about maybe upgrading her to the new Samsung Galaxy Mini III but my eye has been swayed by the iPhone! I don’t know but I just always fancied one and lots of people have them so they can’t be all that bad!


Clothing Of The Day: My Jersey Tall Trousers came from South@Very and they are so bloody comfy and they are long enough so wahey!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as yesterday.

The Ultimate Cross Over

There is a good chance that I am currently under some sort of delirium from becoming a bit of a Hermit and watching way too many episodes of Doctor Who, but I had the idea for the best crossover ever. This also may be due to the fact that I am currently on a Thor high (not a drug, the movie!) after having seen the trailer for the 2 film yesterday.

How about a Thor and Doctor Who crossover!!!! Technically, this could actually happen, because as we know Asgard is a part of the Universe and the lovely lovely Thor lives on Asgard (I think!), and correct me if I’m wrong, but after watching what feels like a gazillion episodes of Doctor Who, I do believe Asgard got a name check. And yes, you are all so right in the fact that I must have far too much time on my hands to be able to think of all this. I really do, it’s quite sad frankly!

But ladies and gentlemen, a very sad event did indeed happen today – I finished the final of the seasons of Doctor Who I had 😦 I had forgotten how good the end of Season 4 was with all the cross overs and what not, but yes, it’s official, I now have nothing to watch (disregarding entirely the 9 pages of movies and all those episodes of 90210 plus whatever the hell else I’ve recorded – I think I should lose the batteries!). I have two leads (get me – like a spy!) on ebay for the specials that follow from David Tennant to Matt Smith, so let’s hope I win. but if not – I’m ready to discover, what news shows should I watch or which shows should I rewatch?

However, I really think I need to get back in to some of the other things I should do instead – the story certainly isn’t going to write itself, plus the other bits I need to do.


DIY Of The Day: a) I removed the clamp from my curler at last but b) lost part of it in the process but hopefully should work.
Nails Of The Day: I actually did my nails today!! I have on my all time favourite black A England Camelot and Model’s Own Thunder and Lightening, with some nice little decals.

Putting Out a Plea!!!!

The library has failed me. The dvd store that stocks 2nd hand dvd’s has failed me. I have only got one more place to try, and that’s the charity shops. Trust me, whenever you want something, go to the charity shop and you’ll get it, works every time.

I am slowly but surely coming to the end of my season 1-4 boxset of Doctor Who and unknown to me, it doesn’t go up to when Matt Smith becomes the Doctor, that’s the specials, which is a separate boxset entirely! So I had planned to get it from the library or me dvd store. Well, neither of them had it. I also need to complete Grey’s by watching season 8 and they didn’t have that either.

Now, I’m no cheapskate! I will buy something if I need to, but as I don’t own the rest of them and can assume that when they do finish (dear God, I hope they never finish Doctor Who,) they will release a boxset. But the past boxsets don’t seem to be that cheap. Usually you can get the older ones cheaper.

I have formulated a plan that goes as follow:

– Check all charity shops and also ebay. They only problem with ebay is it can take forever to bid on something and in the end you don’t even bloody win (negativity I know).

– Cave and buy it.

– Secret option: Get Netflixs. I have been wanting to get it for ages and, violins, I think I might treat myself to it for my birthday, as they have season 5 of Doctor Who too. Can anyone confirm if it has Season 8 of Grey’s cause they only bloody let you see a little of their supposed vast library.

I know, I have real issues if I care this much. But after this, I don’t really have any more boxsets I need to watch (apart from Chuck Season 5 which has been sat there for ages!). I should really be addressing the issue that there are not only several other shows back up on my box but also all the episodes of 90210 season 5 shown in e4 so far, minus the first episode!! I’m so behind, it’s Revenge all over again. But if I can do 18 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in one day, I’m sure I can catch up on 90210 easily. Challenged meself!


Trailer Of The Day: Thor 2 new trailer was epic!!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

My trousers shopping nightmare!!

I have spoken before of my nightmare when it comes to buying trousers. I have managed to solve my out of work trousers easily with George, Next, New Look and my favourite, Dorothy Perkins. However, I need work trousers and this is a nightmare due to two reasons.

One, I need tall trousers! A lot of places offer tall trousers, but mostly in jeans which I can’t wear for work really. George do tall trousers, but they aren’t as tall as the jeans, which is weird! Second, and this is my annoyance, I hate hate hate the material that work trousers are made from. It’s so scratchy and itchy and it just makes my skin crawl! Also, they tend to have beyond massive flares!

I really like Jersey trousers and I managed to get a really love pair from Next last year, I wish I had bought more. But it always require a butt load of research before you manage to actually get a pair of trousers that are comfy. And why we should have to pay more for that extra couple of inches of cheap fabric is beyond me.

Rant over!


Song Of The Day: Nina Nesbitt “Not Me”
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

The New Doctor Confirmed!

So the 12th Doctor has been confirmed to be Peter Capaldi. I’m not exactly ecstatic about it or anything, I really don’t know what to think.

Let’s just say, if I were to pick someone, I don’t think I would have picked him, not that I don’t think he would make a good Doctor, I just have reservation. Personally, and I’m not being ageist, I have liked the younger Doctor’s, but maybe because I’m around the same age as them, that’s why. Also, he has been in Doctor Who and apparently Torchwood, which I have see all the UK based episodes off and don’t actually bloody remember, but they don’t really seem to care about that either.

My biggest reservation, is that Clara is a lot lot younger than he is and I don’t know whether the dynamic would work. Obviously, they would have tested that or maybe Clara might not make it out of the 50th anniversary episode, I don’t know. I have like the sort of love relationships the Doctor’s have had with their companions, but this would be more like Father and Daughter.

But I’m gonna hold off judgement, because I moaned something rotten about Matt Smith and I love him as the Doctor, so you never know.


Tv Show Of The Day: Doctor Who (The David Tennant years of course!)
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

My possible Doctor’s that will never be!!

Having realised when the show as on tonight, I will be blogging my thoughts on the new Doctor tomorrow. But all this talk about people who could be the Doctor, made me think – who would be really great as the Doctor but highly unlikely to ever be. I will say I’m not a Doctor Who fanatic, I think because I’ve been rewatching it lately, I have kinda got carried away on the excitement of it all. I’m easily lead lol! So here are my options:

1- Michael McIntyre: I think he has the right level of character to be a Doctor and his slightly camp nature if you will, would be really great as the Doctor. Also, he would be funny!

2- Miranda: I am a huge fan of Miranda, so even if it does break my “It should be a fella” rule, I think she would be a great Doctor. I think she could easily pull of a suit, or a gigantic long scarf and hat, and again, her slightly if you will camp nature and funniness would work really well.

3- Hugh Jackman: Of course, I had to back up my back up Daddy. He is such a huge character in really life that he would bring a lot to the roll and as he always has to be quite angry for Wolverine, it would be good to see him do light hearted. He can do a British accent, but whose to say the Doctor can’t be Aussie!! Why has the Doctor never had another accent (please correct if I am wrong on pre new series Doctor’s. I imagine them all to have been quite well spoken).

So there are my three who will never be. Now, I’m gonna let you in on my theory that I posted about on Twitter. David Tennant will forever and always be my Doctor and as he is in the 50th Anniversary special, whose to say that Matt Smith’s Doctor couldn’t regenerate back into David Tennant’s back. I’m ignorant to what the laws of time, space and regeneration are, so if anyone can disprove this theory, let me know.

I can half imagine me pulling a Matt Smith on the new Doctor – aka the he’ll never be as good as David Tennant and then ending up liking him. But I’ll give you reactions tomorrow!


Treat Of The Day: CAKE (Need I say more!)!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.