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Nothing to Blog about!

I literally can’t seem to find anything to blog about lately. I don’t know if that means my life is going great or if I’m just really boring.

So today I wore my new boots to town and I think it was the biggest mistake that I ever made, because the buggers literally ate my little toe. It tore the skin off it so badly. And even though I was only a few footsteps away from my house, I took the boot off and walked the rest of the way down the street with one shoe and a sock on! But I didn’t care. I’m really gonna have to stretch the buggers, cause there that darn pretty, they have to be worn!

I’ve had an ulcer on my gum this week, so I’ve been using Bonjela – adult strength! Gees is that stuff numbing at first, I literally though my face had fallen off, because I couldn’t feel a thing, but then it settles down. It was a weird sensation at first, because I haven’t really used Bonjela as an adult before or a child, so I didn’t know what to expect. I¬†seriously¬†thought at first that I was having some sort of reaction to it. And I know they have to put the warnings on the packet, but do they have to put them so bloody big, it’s scary!

Anyway that’s it! Please feel free to disregard this post as the worlds most boring post!


Song Of The Day: “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non!