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Epic Fail!!!

A really truely is!!

So blogust is a wash out! I haven’t posted for a week! I’m sorry!

But to be honest, would you rather me post every day with absolute nonsense just for the sake of posting, or would you rather me post less often with deep, meaningful, thoughtful posts (and to those who politely say that I actually do the latter on every single blog post, rude but true!)

To make up for it, look to the right of this post and depending on how much I have tweeted since I posted this, there should be a picture of a cake (packet recipe, I’m sorry, but it’s delicious). Leave your name and address in comments, and I’ll happily send you a piece as compensation for my lack of posting! If that all goes, scroll down further, and I’ll send you some some Smurfs (edible not real) instead.

Bless any of you who have followed me during this epic fail of blogust! For it is you that if you leave your name and address, I shall come round to your house personally and pat you on the back. If you happen to live as far as Australia I will make the personal and financial sacrifice and come all the way there (as long as you can put me up aka give me a bed for the night (or sofa/bed/doorstep I’m not fussy!)).


Treat Of The Day: Chocolate cake but that depends on how much you lot take!
Nails Of The Day: Nail Rocks!