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Ready for Christmas!!!

I am literally ready for Christmas to be here right now! I have most of my gifts bought and wrapped (thank you, I know!), I have my tree up (it went up on December 1st naturally see here), I watched my first Christmas movie on Sunday (The Muppet Christmas Carol) and I am currently listening to Christmas music (Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red). So if you are listening Santa, you know one of us is ready! In fact, I met Santa last week, so I can indeed for certain say that he is in fact 100% real and in now way was this some fake Santa guy! He’s FACT!

Nothing much to report otherwise. I went for a job interview last week, which I annoyingly didn’t get and could have done with, but it must mean something better is still to come (do not burst this bubble!). I am still watching I’m A Celebrity – quick thought on this actually. Is it just me or are the guys that are not wearing their shirts the ones that really should be? There is only so much man chest you can see over your supper! I have currently knit 17 mini stockings, so at least I have a goal, but apart from that, I am being regular old boring me, no interesting celebrity based crushes flip out of late!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped In Red” Album
Nails Of The Day: None as they are currently splitting up a good en, so I’m letting them grown for my xmas do!

Christmas is Coming To Town

Were still here, and it’s nearly Christmas!!!!

I am getting very very excited now, although I still literally have this bloody cold! And, even thought this is something that I don’t wanna admit and luckily it’s not true, last night I thought I had nits!!! I work in an environment where nits are a part of the job and I have got them twice in the past few year, because I have really thick hair so they like to cling on lol! But luckily, no nits! I am nit free! Today I am going to be watching some more Christmas movies, including another Muppet based one. Last year, from ebay, I got a video of this incredible Muppet Christmas special from the 80’s I think, were all the Muppets, Fraggles, Sesame Street characters and what not are altogether! I remember watching it at Christmas years ago on the television and I haven’t actually watched it yet, because the damn VHS player has broken (yes I still own a VHS player!), and I have one on the telly upstairs, but it’s cold up there lol!!

I have some very strange shaped Christmas presents this year. I think one is a yard of Jaffa Cakes, because I’m crazy insane for them lol! But I have two that shape lol! I am going to go into a Jaffa Cake induced coma!

I think after Xmas and all the Xmas TV fantasticness (do not get me started on Strictly last night, well ticked off! But Merlin was fab!), I am going to do some post on the best of 2012 movies, tv ect and a few other bits, so let me know what yours are.

Sorry for the boring post!


Thoughts Of The Day: This is a repetative one that I am forever thinking of, but it just doesn’t go away, leggings are NOT trousers, so cover your rear end, we can see your underpant!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: A bargin Revlon blue called 044 Blue Lagoon, but it’s chipped to high heaven because I was wrapping gifts too!

I hate phones! Fact

Hello everyone!

So, I have been stuck on the phone today, trying to call a call centre. Why are they such hard places to ring!!! It’s insane.

So, what have I been up to. I’m gonna say not a lot lol! I think the cold which I had last week is not coming back, which is a bloody pain, but I do hope that it is gone before Christmas next week. It’s not nice opening a gift or eating your Christmas dinner while sneezing and coughing all over it.

I have continued with my Christmas Movie Weekends, and the other week I watched a Muppet Christmas Carol which I used to be absolutely terrified of as a child. I think with the Muppets, the Sesame Street ones were more child friendly, while I always watched The Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock cartoons, but the live action ones were kind of freaky. But now, I can totally appreciate how good it is, as well as Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, although that still is kind of a weird film but very very fantasy.

This weekend gone, I watched Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which I know some people think it probably really cheesy, but come on, doesn’t everyone need a bit of good old fashion cheese at Christmas.

Other films that you should watch at Christmas are, The Santa Clause with Tim Allen (classic!), Love Actually and The Holiday, Stardust (this was released at Christmas, so goes in this category), Home alone 1 & 2 and one of my personal favourites, The Forgotten Toys.

I probably will post again before Christmas, but if I don’t, I hope everyone have a very Merry (and safe and happy) Christmas.


Thoughts Of The Day: Your never two old to make a Paper Chain!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nothing but I’m getting my nails ready to go with my work’s do outfit.

Let’s Rename This Sofa

Well hello chums!, while this is a Miranda excited start to this post, be warned, it’s a lie, as the rest of this post will be bloody miserable.

I am typing from the sofa, aka the sickbed! as I am full of a Christmas Cold. Even adding the word Christmas before cold couldn’t make it any less of a cold. So today, I am having my first day off work all year!

So, to keep myself from going insane and delirious from cold, I in all my wisdom, decided that the best thing to do would be to finally sit down and watch Made In Chelsea! I have so far watch the first 4 episodes of Season 1 on 4OD on Youtube (BTW, does anyone have loading issues with it, I had to keep refreshing it!). I literally had to stop myself from watching more episodes, I thought 4 was rather enough in my current circumstances. I shall probably watch 4 more tomorrow lol! What’s worse, just thinking about it, I think I could actually name everyone already too! How sad is that! Bet you can guess who my favourite is – just see the posts below.

As for the rest of my weekend, it has been spent pretty much watching films and the last of I’m A Celebrity. If you didn’t guess the Christmas film that I watched this weekend, it was Elf. I think it is one of the best newer Christmas films that has come out. Then I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadow, which I really enjoyed (strange how it follows the same stories as the tv show???) and then today, after I prized myself away from Made In Chelsea, I watched The Vow, which is a film I wanted to see when it with in the cinema, but it was basically only on for a week here, so I missed it.

I did put up the old Christmas tree this weekend. I am slightly concerned though that the damn thing is going to fall over, cause all I have to do is prod it a little and the thing wobbles like Pisa. Here is a rather fetching picture:

So that’s how it’s been going down!


Thought Of The Day: 4 episodes of Made In Chelsea in one go is more than enough for any normal human being!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None can’t be bothered!

Still depressed

But this has got to be some kind of record blog posting wise! 4 in 4 days (or 4 in 5 if I can’t count, which with a maths degree, I should!).

I am still depressed that Hugo has left the jungle lol! I did get a wee little reprieve yesterday, because he was featured in the show slightly, but I now bound to reading interviews with him in The Sun.

What I am more depressed, strike that concerned about, is the fact that people seem to think that I am someone they should tell all their secrets too! I have had a few good en’s told to me in the past few weeks.

I didn’t realise that I was someone who people felt that they could confide to but hey ho. It wouldn’t be so bad if they told me the secret and that was that. Nope, the fact is I have the secrets and I obviously can’t tell anyone, but you have to walk around knowing that other people don’t know these secrets and you do and you can’t tell them and, God, I wish people wouldn’t tell me secrets. I am pretty much a Sheldon Cooper when it comes to the art of Secret Keeping!

I haven’t told anyone obviously and it’s not as if there all bad secrets, ones quite exciting, but I am going to have to rely on my good old memory to forget them – I have enough of my own!

That got you excited!

So to make room for all these secrets, I’ll offload one of mine:

I have a secret ambition to go and work for the Australian Border Control services, after watching to much Border Control on Pick TV.

Not the juiciest of secrets, were you expecting more, lol! That should allow for a bit more secret space in my brain!

This weekend is very exciting as my decorations are going up for Christmas. Quite frankly, if it weren’t weird, I’d keep the buggers up all year round. They should really invent a holiday for each month. I shall post pics tomorrow!


Song Of The Day: Not had one of these in a while. I can’t get Taylor Swift’s “All To Well” out of my head, such a beautiful storytelling song!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None at the mo and I am currently with stumps, after cutting off all my nails!