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Welcome back blog + my Insanity

Needless to say, after my epic fail of blogging in August, I’ve been a tad on the quite side. I would like to say that in this time I have had a world wind time, doing something crazy. In all fairness, and to quote Mrs Brown, I have done feck all! I’ve just been working, working and working some crazy more. So rather than bore you with the details of that, I will update you with where I am now.

I am currently obsessed with the fact Christmas is currently round the corner and I have ordered a fair few presents online (and by that I mean ordering myself a fair few items too!). I am currently in the predicament of applying for a job which would be better than my current one in responsibility and hierarchy if you will, but is less hours and not the best but might be an in, so I’m gonna be mulling over that one for a while. I am currently in a post Thor 2 calm down and that’s about it.

Now, to the insanity part of the title and I really an honestly truly believe that I might be on the old scale of craziness. In a general day to day, I do believe I am just one bit short of bat crap, but yesterday took it to a whole new level.

As you may be fully aware from previous posts, I do tend to go a bit crazy for the old celebrity crushes and I currently have a new one, which was unexpected because it was somebody in the past that I actually kind of hated, because he got a role that my never ending celebrity crush was “in the running for”. However, for some reason, of late, I can’t get enough. Anyway, cut to yesterday, when I find out that they are married!!

There is literally no chance in hell that I will ever meet this person let alone be a part of said persons life or in fact be this persons significant other – yet the fact this person was married blew my head off. Because I am that insane and crazy, and I practically was saddened the whole night. God, if this person ever read this (thank god I haven’t mentioned a name) than they would probably agree with my own self diagnosis.

If you would like to read more of my past craziness / celebrity crushes, just click on the word “Hugo” in the tag bar. God help me I need a brain transplant (or a bladder enlargement – but that’s a whole other story!)


BTW, if you can guess who it is, I shall give you the pride of a job well done!

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