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We are the champions!

I do believe I’ve gone and cracked it. I am officially the champion of the Crystal Maze. A few month backs I mentioned that I had the lend of an i-pad and I played the Crystal Maze on it. Let’s just say, I was a pathetic failure!

Well well well, that has all changed. Not only have I beat the Crystal Maze, but I’ve only gone and done it twice! First time round, no one locked in, 7 crystals and 117 gold. So this morning, second time, medium level, 9 crystals and 119 golds! Score. I am so ready for whenever they bring it back!

So what have I achieved in my holidays so far. I have watched 5 movies since Friday, I am gonna get caught up on Revenge (5 episodes behind!), I am 6 episodes in to Grey’s Anatomy and I ate an easter egg!

All in all, I have achieve a lot!


Oh, and I watched and loved the opener of Doctor Who, just thought I’d mention that!


Food Of The Day: Easter Egg, Num!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None!