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More things to add to that list!

Evidently, this weekend has been full of things to add to the list of little annoyance. But first, my apologies to the Sun. I don’t see you that often, so I was very sorry when tweeted at my annoyance at you spoiling my tv catch up time! I am most apologetic!

Anyway, the list:

  • People who leave crumbs in the butter. Butter is for spreading on your bread, not the inside of the tub, so keep it clean!
  • People who blow smoke and don’t care where it goes. It’s a filthy habit which I haven’t taken up, so I don’t care for someone blowing smoke it me. It stinks!
  • Someone filling up my itunes with songs I do not like – make a playlist.
  • People who find it highly amusing to not use there own email but yours to start social network accounts! Use your own bloody email cause honestly, I think you are complete idiots for almost really using someone else identity.
  • Which leads into rubbish help desks! Literally went round in circles and still don’t think I got through.
  • Which leads into password changing. Nearly went crazy this morning knowing I was typing in the correct one only to remembered that I’d changed it.

Anyway, great new now:

  • I have only been off on holiday for one day and I have already achieved one of the things that I wanted to do that I wasn’t going to tell you I was doing, just in case I didn’t! Score!
  • My Mad Fat Diary is ending tonight but has been confirmed for a second season. Score 2!

Although I would like to say I caught up on my telly back logged now having watched the first three episodes of “Dancing On The Edge”, those 4 episodes of “Mr Selfridge” might beg to disagree. I do like Mr Selfridge, but I prefer The Paradise . I think Mr Selfridge is trying to hard and trying to hard to be like Downton Abbey. But I’ll persevere. And more to that point, I also think the 6 pages of movies on my box will beg to disagree on the fact that I am “caught up”.


Sweets Of The Day: Squashies Drumstick!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nicole By Opi in Kendall On The Katwalk and Angelica in Exposure which apparently glows in UV light, but as I am not presently nor will ever be at a Rave, I cannot confirm this!