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Birthday Results!

Apologies for my last post, I was actually being a bit crazed! It’s working fine now!

Anyway, today is the day when people get their A-Level results. I maybe close to 26 but I can still remember the exact day that I got my A-Level results and exactly what happened, because I was the unfortunate sod who got their A-Level results on their 18th Birthday!!!

Now, I can’t complain about my birthday, as I am always off for it, as it always falls in the 6 weeks holidays, but there has got to be better things than to get your A-Level results on your birthday! I didn’t even do that well, but as long as I got into Uni (which I did) it didn’t matter! But I can still remember exactly where I was sat, exactly what I did and just feeling dread, because I truly hate exams. I am not thick by any means, I think I’m quite clever actually, not creepy clever, but a natural level of cleverness. But I just can’t do exams, I don’t know what it is, but I think I just can’t get across the points I am trying to make. I mean Maths exams, I can do them! But other ones, nope. I’ve never believed in exams either, because you can learn everything for an exam and not have a clue what any of it means, it doesn’t show a true person in any way, but that’s the educationist in me talking! And as my sister pretty much aced everything she did, there was always a comparison, because there is only one school year between us.

So to anyone getting there A-Level results today, do not panic, because I didn’t do the best and I turned out half decent with a good job! And to any who are getting them on their birthday, ignore whatever happens today and enjoy your birthday. Deal with everything else later, there is always an option!


Treat Of The Day: Guess who bought more NERDS!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as before!