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Putting Out a Plea!!!!

The library has failed me. The dvd store that stocks 2nd hand dvd’s has failed me. I have only got one more place to try, and that’s the charity shops. Trust me, whenever you want something, go to the charity shop and you’ll get it, works every time.

I am slowly but surely coming to the end of my season 1-4 boxset of Doctor Who and unknown to me, it doesn’t go up to when Matt Smith becomes the Doctor, that’s the specials, which is a separate boxset entirely! So I had planned to get it from the library or me dvd store. Well, neither of them had it. I also need to complete Grey’s by watching season 8 and they didn’t have that either.

Now, I’m no cheapskate! I will buy something if I need to, but as I don’t own the rest of them and can assume that when they do finish (dear God, I hope they never finish Doctor Who,) they will release a boxset. But the past boxsets don’t seem to be that cheap. Usually you can get the older ones cheaper.

I have formulated a plan that goes as follow:

– Check all charity shops and also ebay. They only problem with ebay is it can take forever to bid on something and in the end you don’t even bloody win (negativity I know).

– Cave and buy it.

– Secret option: Get Netflixs. I have been wanting to get it for ages and, violins, I think I might treat myself to it for my birthday, as they have season 5 of Doctor Who too. Can anyone confirm if it has Season 8 of Grey’s cause they only bloody let you see a little of their supposed vast library.

I know, I have real issues if I care this much. But after this, I don’t really have any more boxsets I need to watch (apart from Chuck Season 5 which has been sat there for ages!). I should really be addressing the issue that there are not only several other shows back up on my box but also all the episodes of 90210 season 5 shown in e4 so far, minus the first episode!! I’m so behind, it’s Revenge all over again. But if I can do 18 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in one day, I’m sure I can catch up on 90210 easily. Challenged meself!


Trailer Of The Day: Thor 2 new trailer was epic!!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

Teeth and Dreams

I know that the title of this post seem totally stupid, but I believe the two are related. I was gonna do this deep and meaningful (yeah right!) post today about friends (actual, not the tv show!) but I’m not feeling too great today and this is where the title comes in.

I hate my teeth, this is a fact! They have cause me nothing but problems, ever since I had to have a brace fitted, because 6 of my adult teeth are missing. Where they are, are do not know, if you have them, I hate you!  The brace went fine, but then I had to move dentist, because mine was an NHS one and it shut down. So I moved to a new dentist and let’s just say, I think they butchered my teeth. I was move through 3 dentist there, was told I needed fillings, and I swear to God, they kept changing there mind about where the fillings needed to be and how many! It was basically ridiculous and because this wasn’t an NHS dentist, because they are like gold dust, so I had to pay for the privilege (£75 if I remember correctly!). Anyway, after all that, I still have rubbish teeth and they are basically letting a baby tooth rot into my gum, because they won’t take it out and are more concerned about what I’m going to do when it eventually does full out (my pov is you can’t even see that part of my mouth when I smile or talk, so it’s just gonna be a gap!).

Anywhoo, this leads me to last night.  I had a bad had last night when I went to bed and I think this lead to me having a strange dream. This dream was basically like Broadchurch on Steroids! It was a violent Broadchurch. But while this was going on, my head, at the back of my neck, felt really heavy. But just after talking to my Dad, this might be because I went to the hairdressers yesterday and was leaning back in one of those sinks, which isn’t how I usually wash my hair and I remember at the time, it didn’t feel to comfortable. But my jaw and teeth are so aching this morning. I don’t know if it’s maybe wisdom teeth or what, but basically, my teeth suck and I blame to dentist.

Obviously, they are not solely to blame, but I don’t drink teeth, coffee or alcohol. I don’t smoke. I rarely drink fizzy drinks. Don’t eat too many sweets or chocolate. I am like your average person with biscuits and cakes. I do admit to having a slight addiction to apples and pure fruit juices, which I know are not the best for teeth. And I can’t control my own genetics, which I would say are also to blame too. My top teeth are lovely though and thankfully, my bottom teeth are quite deep set, so you can’t even see them when I smile, which is great. It’s funny for someone to have a body issue with their teeth, but there you go, I’m abnormally not average.


TV Show of The Day: I have rekindled my love of Grey’s and you are the first too know, I have just completed season 3 and now believe I might have to watch Private Practice too!
Nails of The Day: Non!

Sometimes Drivers are just as bad!

I’m gonna make this quick because something really annoyed me today.

I was walking home from work and there is the bit that I come to to cross, which is the entrance to a car park. I saw a car coming, but I knew I had plenty of time to cross because it’s literally about a 5 second walk. I was just stepping on to the pavement at the other side, when the stupid woman driving the car, beeped her horn at me. I was just really annoyed because I was no where near her car or no where near enough to actually get hit by her, I was basically back on the pavement and she beeped her horn. I mean, a bit of an over reaction on her part if you ask me. And I get that some idiots do walk across in front of cars even when they see them coming, but I had plenty enough time to get across. And the look on her face was all like, you idiot and all I could think of was I’M ON THE BLOODY PAVEMENT AND I’M NO WHERE NEAR YOUR CAR!! Believe me, I’m not stupid enough to cross a road if I don’t think I can make it. I’ve had people reach the crossing after me and cross the road before, I’m that careful. And I know I have my iPod in, but I can hear everything that is going on around me, and as the green cross code goes, I LOOK BOTH WAYS.

Don’t you hate it when random people irate you and you don’t even know them! At least I can write about them on this blog and they’ll never bloody know! Scratch that, if you are this person and your reading this, well, who cares, you’ll never see me again. Actually, it’s so small were basically a city named town!! In that case, I’m going ghost protocol ala Mission Impossible (I haven’t seen it and really do not have any idea what that phrase me) I’m basically going rogue, tarrah!


PS. Even in my I’m not here but really am here state – Anyone catch the new shots of the two Doctor’s filming, we should called that geek protocol!

TV Show Of The Day: Grey’s Anatomy (and new Big Bang Theory tonight!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Mermaid’s tale by Jesse’s Girl.

We are the champions!

I do believe I’ve gone and cracked it. I am officially the champion of the Crystal Maze. A few month backs I mentioned that I had the lend of an i-pad and I played the Crystal Maze on it. Let’s just say, I was a pathetic failure!

Well well well, that has all changed. Not only have I beat the Crystal Maze, but I’ve only gone and done it twice! First time round, no one locked in, 7 crystals and 117 gold. So this morning, second time, medium level, 9 crystals and 119 golds! Score. I am so ready for whenever they bring it back!

So what have I achieved in my holidays so far. I have watched 5 movies since Friday, I am gonna get caught up on Revenge (5 episodes behind!), I am 6 episodes in to Grey’s Anatomy and I ate an easter egg!

All in all, I have achieve a lot!


Oh, and I watched and loved the opener of Doctor Who, just thought I’d mention that!


Food Of The Day: Easter Egg, Num!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None!

I’m cheating … sssssh!

Essentially, this title is an over exaggeration, but who cares! 2 post in 2 days! record!

So last night, I watched my first ever episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I know, many years behind, but I do have my reasons! Anyway, I thought it was really good, I watched the first ever episode, after being lended (it’s a word!) a season 1 – 4 boxset. So I’m gonna continue  But here are my issues. Unrelated to the title of this post, why would you put as an extra on a season 1 disc, I look back at season 1. Is that not the purpose of buying the bloody season in the first place. Idiots! And now, in relation to the title.

I am an E.R. junkie (that sounds wrong!). I loved E.R. from the moment I first watched it (first episode being the one where Carter gets stabbed, I caught up with the back episodes on repeat) and loved it till it finished. It is one show, that I genuinely do miss each year, when the new US dramas come to the UK. There was never a rubbish episode, and I do intend to one day own the entire series on dvd. So when Grey’s came around, I was all like, I have a medical drama to watch, and I think it wasn’t on freeview telly at the time. But now I have this feeling – Am I cheating on ER!!?? The answer I’m gonna go for is no, because E.R. is gritter than Grey’s, Grey’s is like E.R. but posh. I do miss the grittiness, but I’m gonna keep watching. Grey’s is also more like House, which thanks to the idiots known as SKY TV, I never got to see the end of. Sky do this where they take shows, that have got really good audience on freeview and steal them, because they wouldn’t know how to pick a great show if they tried – Glee, Lost, Chuck to name but a few! If you haven’t got this by now – I HATE SKY!

In updates of what I did yesterday, I completed season 1 of New Girl and also got the fab news that Taylor Swift is gonna be in New Girl. This is exactly the same as when Hilary Duff got cast in Gossip Girl, my favourite things coming together! I also made a teeny tiny dent into my film folder. I started, but haven’t finished She’s Out Of My League and I watched and loved more than I thought I would The Runaways. I tend to not like films that Kristen Stewart is in cause she annoy’s me slightly (don’t ask! and it’s poor judgement on my part having never met her! Bad me!), but saying this now I really liked Snow White and the Huntsman, and I really liked her in The Runaways.

In updating on today, I am baking! I am watching The Big Reunion! I am reorganising  And I’m ticked off that my nails have all chipped and I blame Morrisons!


Film Of The Day: The Runaways
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Sally Hansen in The Sky’s The Limit and Lavender Cloud, with a glitter coat of OPI I juggle…. men!