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Ready for Christmas!!!

I am literally ready for Christmas to be here right now! I have most of my gifts bought and wrapped (thank you, I know!), I have my tree up (it went up on December 1st naturally see here), I watched my first Christmas movie on Sunday (The Muppet Christmas Carol) and I am currently listening to Christmas music (Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red). So if you are listening Santa, you know one of us is ready! In fact, I met Santa last week, so I can indeed for certain say that he is in fact 100% real and in now way was this some fake Santa guy! He’s FACT!

Nothing much to report otherwise. I went for a job interview last week, which I annoyingly didn’t get and could have done with, but it must mean something better is still to come (do not burst this bubble!). I am still watching I’m A Celebrity – quick thought on this actually. Is it just me or are the guys that are not wearing their shirts the ones that really should be? There is only so much man chest you can see over your supper! I have currently knit 17 mini stockings, so at least I have a goal, but apart from that, I am being regular old boring me, no interesting celebrity based crushes flip out of late!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped In Red” Album
Nails Of The Day: None as they are currently splitting up a good en, so I’m letting them grown for my xmas do!