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The Unwritten Laws of Ebay Bidding

I am sorry for not posting yesterday but I was all posted out by then.

I am still on the hunt for the next set of dvds after season 4 of Doctor Who, which is the specials. I went to town yesterday to look in my usual haunts, but sadly, I could not find them (or Grey’s Season 8). I was until this morning, the highest bidder on ebay on them, at a very good price, but as I am currently limitedly (that’s not even a word) funded on paypal, I have a budget. And I was all happy until some fecker (mind the language!) came in and outbid.

I think there really needs to be some unwritten law on ebay that if you really really want it, then everyone else should just politely step out of the bloody way and let you win it. My worst are those who have shown no attention on the item until the last 30 seconds and then bloody swoop in like vultures and steal it. I remember a few years back I was the highest bidder till the last few minutes on an Apple Mac Book and someone swooped in and ended up out bidding me at the last minute by 50 bloody pence (too many bloodys, I do apologies!).

I’m gonna wait a little bit more, but if I haven’t got it by next Sunday, I think I’ll either just get it off of Amazon or I might cave and sign up to Netflix! To be far it’s cheaper than ebay actually, the price on there for some of them are extortionate!

In other news, in a few days I shall be bidding farewell to my friend of 2 years, my Samsung Galaxy Mini. We’ve had some great times together, but it’s just time for me to move on. I thought about maybe upgrading her to the new Samsung Galaxy Mini III but my eye has been swayed by the iPhone! I don’t know but I just always fancied one and lots of people have them so they can’t be all that bad!


Clothing Of The Day: My Jersey Tall Trousers came from South@Very and they are so bloody comfy and they are long enough so wahey!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as yesterday.