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Post Brits Aftermath

I haven’t watched the Brits in a few years. I mostly just record it, then watch the performances. So this year, I actually watch it and while it wasn’t the most exciting, it was still pretty good – performance wise.

I have this thing with the Brits that I think there trying to be cool, be nominating some acts that make it seem like there trying to say, yeah were cool, we’ve heard of them – but nobody else has. I know that a lot of those acts are liked by people, but I think sometimes they nominate people that take up the space of other acts that should be nominated.  There just a bit funky with their nominations.

One thing that does my nut in is that they nominate people for best breakthrough, then also best group, male or female. That really annoys me – how can you be a breakthrough and the best group, male or female at the same time. Anyway, that’s just me. I didn’t really mind the British winners, but I really didn’t agree with any of the international winners (they really should call it best US and a few others award really!). I’m a bit ignorant to the winners of the international one, having not really listen to their music, but I would have prefered Fun to win the group one, International Male I really don’t have any opinion on, cause I only listen to Gotye and Michael Buble (why nominate Bruce Springsteen! Taking up a good space). International female was the worst – the other 4 nominated were all better than the winner.  I was pretty obvious Adele would win the song one and while it is a great track, I did prefer others, but I ain’t gonna gripe over it. I also wish there was a bigger closing, it just kind of ended.

Anyone else think that Global Success Award was created just so One Direction would win something – I’m that cynical right?!?!?

One highlight of the night for me, was Justin Timberlake. I fricking love that song he preformed! It sounded kinda like his early stuff and Nsync which I loved. When did he get so grown-up though, that makes me feel so old. Go check it out on youtube though – I can’t find it.

So in other news:

  • As I was tweeting a bit during the Brits, I had a disturbing thing appear on my phone. My phone had as an auto word onesie!!! I have honestly never typed that in, so if it came up with that by itself, I feel violated! It also recognised Timberlake too. I love when it auto corrects words to really weird ones. It’s like – why do you ever think I was trying to type that!
  • Update on my holiday: I have completed a task I set myself. I am up to date with Dancing on the Edge, and I am watching some of the movies I have had sat waiting. I have NOT watch the 4 episodes of Mr Selfridge sitting waiting. I just can’t seem to get into it.
  • I joined Goodreads and set the challenge of 100 books this year. I just finished City of Bones, which I loved. Follow my reads at  goodreads.com/Delta88.
  • My local HMV is closing, it got culled on the second outing. This is really sad because apart from HMV, there is no other entertainment store in my town. I also loved HMV online too, it so so so much easier to browse than Amazon. On Amazon, you feel like your walking round the fricking warehouse when your browsing. I don’t like play anymore either so what am I going to do to fill my habit that is DVD’s???? Please mourn with me!


Song Of The Day: “Mirror” by Justin Timberlake.
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non!