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A (partial) day in the life! #001

So, as part of my whole trying to blog more, here is the first in what I hope are more day in the life posts! Note the fact says partial, as today has not ended, but as I plan to watch tv tonight, I don’t think that is of much interest to you!

So my morning started off with two lovely slices of toast, followed by getting ready for work! I usually get up at 7 and am out the door by about 8.20. I’m not gonna say what my job is, but I think I have mentioned before, I work in education. Today’s morning was slightly delayed, because of my outfit of choice and my inability to take tissues out of my pocket before washing. So after 5 minutes of excessive rolling with a lint roller, I looked less snowman than I would have done.

Thursday is known to me as “Buy Your Lunch Thursday”, so today I got a lovely Ham and Cheese sandwich, a crispie bar and then to my surprise, something I didn’t know had come back!:


I fricking loved Wotsit Waffles when they first came out! Does anyone know if they have the cheese ones still, I may just google it 😦 Don’t think there is, have they been back a long time and am I just fricking blind!

Anyway, after a rather good day at work, I took a sneaky trip into town on the way home and stopped off for some goodies a Lush and Superdrugs. I love the packaging that Lush product come in, even the bag! I got Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser, Popcorn lip scrub and because I donated £1 to charity, I got a sample of Charity Pop Body and Hand Lotion. Quite a good haul for under a tenner. Then in Superdrug, which I paid with in points so bonus, I got the MUA Fur Effect Nails, which I am hoping to try out soon.

Back home, I sat down to check up on some news on Digital Spy. I saw the Oscar noms and I gotta say, I haven’t really seen any this year! But it does seem predictable. I will be watching Les Misérables this weekend and have seen The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientist and a couple of the more blockbuster ones in the costume, sound etc, but I’m not going to both predicting this year. I also saw the news abut the bendy Samsung Phone and was like what’s the point, but then a rather funny comment from someone called “S Herbie”, which says:

There isn’t a point, just a gentle curve

Then after tea, I blog here and will be blogging on my beauty blog about my Lush haul and that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know if I bored you to death.


Word Of The Day: PARTY!!!!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Essence in Modern Romance.