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I’m back

Hello Chum’s! Well my plans to blog more often again has failed because I have been extra super busy this last couple of days/week, so I haven’t had that much time to blog. So even though I’m blogging today, I really don’t have anything much to blog about, because I have been busy. So here are a couple of new updates:

  • Favourite new show: I really enjoyed the first episode of Nashville! I do like country music, so I thought I would enjoy this. I think, as well, with the music, it’s not going to be as relentless as Glee, with new music every episode, which I like.
  • I tried to make some flourless cakes yesterday for work, as someone is intolerant to Gluten. It was an EPIC FAIL! They tasted burnt and they¬†defiantly¬†were not.
  • I have eaten a shed load of cake over the past week! WAHEY!
  • I am off to the cinema next week twice to see a film with my friend and hopefully Beautiful Creatures with my Sister.
  • I am now off for a week.

I have got some plans but I am not going to type them on here, because when I did that last time I never stuck to them, so I will only tell you if I do them.

But I do PROMISE to blog more!!


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