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I’m cheating … sssssh!

Essentially, this title is an over exaggeration, but who cares! 2 post in 2 days! record!

So last night, I watched my first ever episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I know, many years behind, but I do have my reasons! Anyway, I thought it was really good, I watched the first ever episode, after being lended (it’s a word!) a season 1 – 4 boxset. So I’m gonna continue  But here are my issues. Unrelated to the title of this post, why would you put as an extra on a season 1 disc, I look back at season 1. Is that not the purpose of buying the bloody season in the first place. Idiots! And now, in relation to the title.

I am an E.R. junkie (that sounds wrong!). I loved E.R. from the moment I first watched it (first episode being the one where Carter gets stabbed, I caught up with the back episodes on repeat) and loved it till it finished. It is one show, that I genuinely do miss each year, when the new US dramas come to the UK. There was never a rubbish episode, and I do intend to one day own the entire series on dvd. So when Grey’s came around, I was all like, I have a medical drama to watch, and I think it wasn’t on freeview telly at the time. But now I have this feeling – Am I cheating on ER!!?? The answer I’m gonna go for is no, because E.R. is gritter than Grey’s, Grey’s is like E.R. but posh. I do miss the grittiness, but I’m gonna keep watching. Grey’s is also more like House, which thanks to the idiots known as SKY TV, I never got to see the end of. Sky do this where they take shows, that have got really good audience on freeview and steal them, because they wouldn’t know how to pick a great show if they tried – Glee, Lost, Chuck to name but a few! If you haven’t got this by now – I HATE SKY!

In updates of what I did yesterday, I completed season 1 of New Girl and also got the fab news that Taylor Swift is gonna be in New Girl. This is exactly the same as when Hilary Duff got cast in Gossip Girl, my favourite things coming together! I also made a teeny tiny dent into my film folder. I started, but haven’t finished She’s Out Of My League and I watched and loved more than I thought I would The Runaways. I tend to not like films that Kristen Stewart is in cause she annoy’s me slightly (don’t ask! and it’s poor judgement on my part having never met her! Bad me!), but saying this now I really liked Snow White and the Huntsman, and I really liked her in The Runaways.

In updating on today, I am baking! I am watching The Big Reunion! I am reorganising  And I’m ticked off that my nails have all chipped and I blame Morrisons!


Film Of The Day: The Runaways
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Sally Hansen in The Sky’s The Limit and Lavender Cloud, with a glitter coat of OPI I juggle…. men!


I’m on my holidays!  WAHEY!!!!!!!!!

So, most of the time on this blog, I have mentioned things that I want to do over the holidays and never actually accomplish many is any of them! I am most defiantly going to be sorting out my wardrobe because there is literally no room to swing a cat in the damn thing. I mean, it’s at the point that things fall out when you open it and you have to do a push and dash when you shut it! Also, I was watching a you tube vlog the other day and someones wardrobe was so pretty with the hangers all the same, so I kinda went a bit anal and bought loads of matching hangers. I will say though, half the ones in my wardrobe are broke. because I just pull things off them (bad!) rather than actually taking the hanger out of the wardrobe.

I have also been given a couple of tv boxsets to try, so that will keep me busy too, because tv boxsets are very cult like. It’s kinda hard to stop when you watch an episode, look at the clock, think you’ll watch just one more and then you end up watching loads. My records so far are watching 1 season of the big bang in about 2 days, plus sleep and watching 8 episodes of the Gilmore Girls back to back. I am currently completing New Girl Season 1 again, which I hope to watch before Tuesday, but didn’t manage in time for the new series. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the first episode, so much, I watched it twice. As you may remember, there was a terrible sadness last October, when my idiot of a sister deleted my entire films folder from our record-able box. Since then, I have quite happily amassed a hefty folder, 6 pages, 12 per page! So I am going to make my way through some of them.

I also want to re arrange my room a bit, but I’m not sure if I will get time (LOL!)

Enjoy your Easter!


TV Shows Of The Day: New Girl!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non.

It’s a special day!

Apparently their is something special about today, not quite sure what lol!

I am now partially cold free and back to work, which is good! I have never been off work this long, and it seems weird to say I only had a cold, but I did but literally I couldn’t breathe so you know, that kind of stumped me. Luckily, I had my New Girl boxset, I watched the entire thing in 3 days, well, you have to check if it works!

I finally got round to watching Hugo (not of the Made In Chelsea, I’m A Celebrity fame!) at the weekend and I really enjoyed it. It took a while to get started, but I found it really magical, I’m glad I bought it. It did throw one thing up for me. Until I watched this film, I thought his name was Hugo Cabaret, like the musical, but it’s pronounced more like cabray. And it just made me think, the amount of times I misread things and not realise for ages, is astonishing. Until someone said it to me, I always thought the book/tv show was called Game Of Thornes, when it’s Thrones! I mean, even I know Thrones sounds more true to the story than Thornes, why would anyone fight over thornes! I do it when I’m reading too, I literally skip a paragraph and not even notice sometimes, than later on I’ll be like, “when did that happen in the story!”.

Anyway, that’s about it for now! Nothing more interesting to comment on.


Thoughts Of The Day: Cold!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nothing at the mo, I’m waiting till a works event on Friday.

Day 5 in the Cold House

Gone a bit Big Brother with the title!

As it suggest, I am day 5 into my cold! It is ridiculous! It’s not even a “I can survive work cold”, I literally feel like crap and only just managed to go outside yesterday. I do feel better than I did earlier in the work, but it hasn’t shown any signs of shifting. I’m probably gonna jinx myself in saying this, but I’m kinda glad that if I am gonna have a cold this Christmas, that I get it now rather than on Christmas day.

So, what have I been up to in my sick bed. Well, I have now managed to watch the complete first season of Made In Chelsea on 4OD. I don’t particularly like the 4OD player, cause I find it quite slow and annoying, but the one on youtube is even worse, because it usually freezes at some point in the episode, I have to refresh it, then I have to watch adverts with the sound of the show in the background. So I might just start watching it on the 4OD player instead. I have also been watching a lot of New Girl, as I got a surprise in the post on Tuesday, when the Season 1 boxset arrived. I didn’t win it, if that’s what your thinking, its a “I order way to much online and completely forgot I pre-ordered it in October” situation! It really annoys me that non of the things that I pre-order actually ever arrive on the day they are released. I’m pretty sure the one that came for my Sister is The Dark Night Rises for me for Christmas and that didn’t come till Tuesday either. I don’t think it’s the companies we order from, cause I use lots of different ones, it’s just our fricking post.

I had to make a really annoying phone call this week. And I had to do it during the worst part of my cold, so let’s just say the people on the other end didn’t get the nicest of tone from me. I am just completely at a dead end with trying to get this situation sorted. It’s not anything serious but it’s basically I think I’m paying too much tax, but it’s not the tax office fault, they have actually been quite helpful with me and confirming a lot of what I thought. I would be more worried if I wasn’t paying enough, but seeing how much I paid for the same job a few years back, I think I am paying to much. I just hope I can get it sorted soon.

So, there you go, my week in review, riveting isn’t it!


Desert Of The Day: Ben and Jerry’s in Core Karamel Sutra. Literally heaven in an ice cream tub shaped form!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Two W7 ones, although my nails are like stumps, I hope they grow before the Christmas do! I have W7 Mosaic and Salt ‘n’ Pepper. Good thing about having a cold is that I can’t smell the fumes from nail varnish!